Finally got around to playing Behemoth AND GOD DAMN


First ever time using him and I got a Stage 3 win with half armor 75% health all moves used. Tier 4 bots had favors hunters on a desert map i cant remember the name of. But i have to say he replaced wraith as my favorite. i played wraith after that round and got stompped so i gotta get back into practice BUT STILL. Behemoth is the best imo.


Go online … See joy turn to tears


Yes, Behemoth is pretty good atm. He just has enough bugs to make Slim jealous.


But yeah he’s my favorite monster ATM also… even though he’s a tank, his moveset takes a decent amount of tactics to use/combat


Favorite monster, but I want the bugs fixed and more buffs,PLEASE NO MORE NERFS.


yeah definitley but still i like to play agressive (im SHIT with rockwall)


Just wait till you start getting really good with your ability placement. S1 Win city.


I always go:
S1: 2 lava ball 1 tongue grab
S2:1 lava ball 2 tremor
S3 finish tremor and tongue grab
Screw rock wall usually messes me up.


Only played hand full of online with him but usually win like that