Finally figured out the difference between Val-Laz Weakpoints


Thought I noticed during Beta, but didn’t fully get it until just now.

Val- 2x damage, much longer duration (~30 seconds?), can sustain infinite hits for the duration
Laz- 1.5x damage, short duration (~20 seconds?), each Weakpoint can only take a few hits before disappearing.

Val’s WPs require sustained fire and decent aim, but if you can manage these, the Monster’s armor melts away. Works exceptionally well with low spread machine gun-type weapons like Laser Cutter and SMG. Laz’s damage buff comes in short bursts, but allows all Hunters to wrack up a handful of bonus damage due to his rifle being semi-automatic (can plaster the Monster with ~20 WPs in a matter of seconds). Works best with single shot, high damage attacks like Shotgun.


Val’s weakpoints last for 30 seconds and Lazarus weakpoints last for 20 seconds, I think.


Also, I don’t thing Laz’s tags are single use, I just think there is a limit to how many can be on the monster. @MacMan, does the 5 max deployables apply to Laz’s targets as well?


They are not single use, I can confirm that.


I have amended the op, good to log the specifics :slight_smile: @Brandini I can confirm that Laz’s weakpoint are not bound by the deployable limit. Or if they should be, they are not.


I get that feeling as well.

I’ve had times where I just litter the Monster with weakpoints and it seems like there’s no more than 10 on at any given point. I just came from watching a YT video where Laz put weakpoints on an egg and the other players were not taking advantage of it.



I think that Laz hits a wall of having his weakpoints come off as he is putting them on, but I don’t believe there is a cap. Small misnomer, but the weakpoints are NOT times 2 damage. It’s all additive. So lass grants +0.5x and Val is +1.0x. Similar until yoiu start adding in limbs/headshots. Headshbots add +1.0, damage amp gun adds +1.0 and limbs subtract 0.5


I think its infinite amount of hitmarkers (Thats what I call them. Don’t judge me) but you have to spread the out. I’m sure some of you noticed a hitmarker get removed and replaced by a newly placed one since it was close to that area. I’m sure this is to prevent hitmarkers from being clustered together so you don’t have to aim as much to hit one. They spread out evenly so you still need to aim.

Consensus: Infinity hitmarkers on any given time, but older ones will be replaced with new ones if you place said new one too close to an older one. (Or if the timer runs out to remove older ones)