Finally beat BoB (with randoms) must be a fluke!

Now normally when I’m facing BoB my insides melt a tad as he’s a nightmare to beat,anyway I finally did and it felt good but it shouldnt take you 30 odd losses to finally beat him


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You have to stay far away from this maniac. Seriously, far, far away. He can be beat. But you have to be better at sustain than he is. Use the terrain against him.

I think this BoB was not a monster regular but he’s still hard to beat regardless, I think his Melee needs a nerf or his abilities/health

Nah he is fine. Just have to out sustain him like I said ^.^

Are you a monster player…? If yes knew you would say that if no then you must play in full premades

I play both. No premades. Pubs just need constructive guidance. Not hey medic heal me you pos. Behemoth has serious issues with people keeping their distance from him. Trust me when I say it’s not fun to get kited by hunters maintaining several spires of high ground against behemoth. Nor is it fun as the hunters to fight behemoth on flat land but it can be done reliably and effectively.

EDIT: and I’m not talking about 30 meters either. I mean each hunter picks a side of the dome and sits there, N,S,E,W.

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No. He has the same amount of health and armor and weaker melee at 3. There is no need to have thise nerfed. Especially now, no one ever complained about him having so much health and armor before but now that he’s gotten what he needs to actually stand next to the other monsters people want him nerf?

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i had the best experience vs behemoth when telling people to keep their distance. equally i had most trouble as behemoth vs teams that didn’t jump willingly into my traps.

He’s a pain in the ass to fight but it’s awesome when you defeat him. I think he’s finally in a good spot. He’s a huge target with major area denial capabilities. As lon as you and your team maintain a perimeter without letting him pull you in, you should be good.

Problem is the Dumb SBMM it’s killing a lot of people’s enjoyment at present who play Hunter 99% of the time like me.It’s only cause i love Evolve i’ll persist hell i don’t care my stats are 16 wins 44 losses because i know i’ve done all i can in every game,prime example last game this (excuse my french) bloody idiot who was medic didn’t heal me up once,as i was trapper i ran into a corner and didn’t dome the Monster once and watched them all get KO’d !!!

Also i’m in bronze and i was paired with a “Gold” divisioned Monster as you can imagine we got battered within 3mins

uh-huh you just need crow