Finally....after months of grinding






Now, I already had all the base hunters, but as of tonight, on the darkest hour before the bright dawn of T.U. 9, I have completed every single hunter to-date with their variants, just in case T.U. 9 eliminates the ability to earn the classics! And if not, I will have the satisfaction of saying that I got them ALL before any of them were redone! (Including OG Slim Spore Cloud - @10shredder00 sorry), Kala teleporters, EMET Beacon, Maggie/Daisy Runs and so on and so forth!

How about you guys? Anyone have all the elites before the new T.U. 9 drops soon?


Ugh i hated val’s healing gun and hank’s shield. They were pretty annoying to it not to mention the other hunters that stop you from getting more than one point in a match.

Anyways i have all of the base characters done and thats it and good job getting all the hunters done


I’ve had all the hunters elited for awhile. I just need to elite Goliath for my last achievement, and Behemoth, MG, and EK I don’t care about eliting.

Emet by far has the worst Beacon masteries, with Kalas teles in second place.

Good job though.


I think I am missing Lazarus, Kala, Emet, Abe and Jack… but I think with summer patch they will all be reset soooo… all our hard work down the drain m8 :stuck_out_tongue:


Still need gorgon, kala, and emet. Probably not going to finish them don’t have the drive.

Edit: Jack isn’t finished either.


TU9 is gonna get rid of these, I believe.

That’s not to say that these aren’t impressive however, and you’ve definitely completed a task very few have. Great job, dude!


@Insane_521 said that there would be new ones, I believe, but we DO get to keep the old skins (if I remember correctly) so I wanted to knock them out just in case xD


Sadly no I don’t think you’ll be keeping the elite skins since they’re tied to a new progression system.

There is the whole being proud that you took on the crazy task of getting everyone elite’d, and knowing that once the Summer Update hits we’ll have the old elite skins and a new skin for each character to unlock :slight_smile:


Even I have that achievement however I did so SOLELY through bots.

I will never put another player under that torture unless they deserve it.



Well alright. Here we go again, I guess

@10shredder00 Here come the Spore Cloud masteries…


#You earned this.


Finally! Confirmation we keep them!


Why can’t you give the skins to the people since they unlocked them and you already have the skins? I don’t want to re-elite all my trappers, Hyde, and Behemoth :sob:. I don’t think @IanBreaker wants to re-elite his hunters either. (you should give players who elited all of their hunters or monsters the orignal skins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Bit how will he know who gets them?


The achievments


While your here leak the new skins :yum:


#When you realize you have to Re-Elite Bucket…twice


Jesus take the wheel. Honestly don’t think I have the heart to return to Evolve. This one change is enough.


I only need Hank, Cabot and Sunny but luckily I play Supports the least.