Finalists skins from Feb. 13?


I was just wondering how long it normally takes to receive those sweet, sweet skins. I’m terribly sorry if this has already been asked.


Ive been asking this for quite some time, even tweeted them… No one has answered me yet!


I spoke to a TRS member. They said they should be out this coming week. I figure they have to get all the stuff set for all semi-finalists and finalists and that’s minimum 60 different gamertags/SteamID/PSN with different entitlements depending on finish. Might take a little bit!


they’re usually pretty quick…

My guess… TU9 is keeping them busy… Something big is coming…





Anyone have any luck yet?


Yeah… Any news?


@LadieAuPair @Shaners


I would email - then Shane can follow up.


Yeah, I emailed Shane and she got back to me in less than a day. Haven’t checked for it, but at least I know it’s getting looked at.