Final Stage 2 Evolve Jam 2nd-3rd


Thanks for sharing your dislike with the people who spent so much time making it.



Plus you could easily have just shared your opinion about it being simpler than legacy and left out the “worst version of evolve” part.


Submissions welcome! And needed.   We



Welp it’s been done for a little while now. I sunk in a few matches Sat/Sun night before I had to deal with stuff on Monday. I’ve been WAY too busy to play too much lately, self-imposed deadlines are annoying. :confused:

A shame, really. There’s still legacy, but it doesn’t mean a void isn’t there now.


I feel the same. It’s weird. Even when I played Legacy over Stage 2, it didn’t feel this weird? Like I knew that I could always go back to it, I guess? Now there isn’t a real point.


Who do you mean by everyone? There’s nobody left. There’s a reason why Legacy didn’t attract quite as many players, and elitism doesn’t really help the cause.

Sure, you may like it better, and I like it better in a way too, but a lot of people thoroughly enjoyed Stage 2 as well (myself included). There’s no reason to shit on it now that it’s absolutely dead, especially when it was created as an attempt to bring back players and rework mechanics that didn’t quite work in the original game you love so much.


Yeah, I won’t be going back to Legacy. I respect that people have a preference towards Legacy for whatever reason, but I feel that Stage 2 was an objectively better version of the game through and through, and TRS should be proud of the lessons that they clearly learned through development to make the asymmetrical competitive experience significantly better.

Again, people can disagree with this and they are free to, but I think that those people who actively disliked Stage 2 had a very specific type of gaming experience they personally wanted, one that clearly, CLEARLY, as @JedeOff says, didn’t capture enough hearts during Legacy’s lifetime


52000 people was not enough.


The active numbers during Legacy clearly weren’t enough, hence Stage 2, if that’s what you’re referencing? I know I personally was ready to put Evolve on the back-burner just before TRS announced stage 2 was going to be a thing (and how big a set of changes it would be).


Nah it was sarcasm, we had about 52000 players on stage 2, even more than release day numbers.


I remember I used to have all the numbers about Evolve in my head, but have forgotten them all! I didn’t know if you were referencing Legacy or not :blush: It’s a tragedy that Stage 2 wasn’t given the proper respect/time to actually relaunch the game. I appreciate that 2k did it, but I am disappointed they thought that a relatively un-promoted set of changes alone would get numbers to a consistent level that they clearly, somewhere, had in their targets.


I have switched to Legacy because it’s now the only version that allows multiplayer. I already miss Stage 2…

Edit: I found one person of lvl 1…surprisingly.


Thanks for rubbing salt on our wounds.


We share the same wounds! I had over 1800 hours on console and on PC: Legacy 1200 hours, Stage 2 668 hours. I would consider me as a big fan of Evolve.

But when I was honest to myself I only played Stage 2 because there was no other Evolve Version on PC.

TRS and 2K did so much mistakes that it was clear that this game will fail. TRS and 2K created a masterpiece in it’s core but so much decisions were just wrong. Please tell me one reason what was better in Stage 2 except the skippable cutscene, perk system and variants. The core gameplay was dumped down a lot!

Even if TRS would have done nothing, we would have a better state now. We could still buy and play Evolve on Steam. And ranked would be in the game as well.

Or why they not just released Stage 2 under a new steam product ID. They not just created Stage 2, they murdered Legacy with their own hands!

PS: One of the Dead By Daylight Producer always says: “We will add things to the game; quality of life, balance and enhancements. But the game will always be the same in it’s core. We will not make a new game!”

TRS made a new game!


Do you think THEY had ANY say in this? They were under 2K’s thumbs the whole time. I can’t believe you’re trying to justify your words.
TRS did not kill their own game. 2K Drove it into the fucking pit. And when THEY fucked it up and realised FAR too late, THEY pulled the plug.

They took TRS’s baby from them, put them in a position where they were forced to change what they had birthed, and then watched it get executed before their very eyes.

Oh, and newsflash; Pretty sure you’re going to insult a LOT of TRS staff here by telling them their game sucked and that they killed what they loved. Have some respect.


I support what she says and I have nothing else to add.


They had so much say that they even were allowed to make Stage 2. 2K gave them an opportunity! 2K must had a lot of trust in TRS to make Stage 2 possible!

TRS did not kill their own game. 2K Drove it into the fucking pit.

True they messed up a lot as well but to make a game fail like this there have to be two bad decision makers!

Oh, and newsflash; Pretty sure you’re going to insult a LOT of TRS staff here by telling them their game sucked

I don’t insult anyone personal! I just tell you my opinion. It’s just a critique. Are you living in China where critique is not allowed?

Have some respect

I have respect! But respect need to be given on both sides. I spent around 400 Euro on Evolve. Two times on PS4 and two times on PC all DLCs. And today I am not even able to play the game! This is what you call respect from TRS and 2K?

In our company we support software for about 15 years even longer! We even patch it when new Windows versions come out. This is respect to our customers!


I don’t see any reason why we need to have the same arguments over and over again about why people feel one version is better than the other, but I do feel it disrespectful of the game to say stage 2 was dumbed down. It was more accessible, and had tools and new elements that shared responsibly across the Hunter team better. But it also had increased depth due to new mechanics, and meant that the monster game was anything but dumbed down as a response to now not having the luxury of forever sneaking.

Like I say, I’m not interested in a repeat of the arguments about who or how people should have got good and all of that pointless BS, but I do wish we could see the evolution of the game and the reasons for it, and respect that rather than getting upset because of the monster ping ability on trappers and the fact everyone could dome and pretend that accounts for over simplifying, that we understand it was a different experience to try and capture an audience that wasn’t otherwise digging legacy evolve.


Also, crazy that this still has to be clarified, especially to established members, but TRS were not involved in any decision to stop patching and supporting this game, just in case any lurkers are confused about such accusations.