Final Stage 2 Evolve Jam 2nd-3rd


YAY just had my first match.,.

But I was thinking… Maybe they just turned off the ability to get stage 2 but left it peer to peer otherwise why would I randomly line up in Dovahkick’s Paris game?


That could be a possibility, but the fact that the servers are still not down is a mystery.


2k said stage two would only be available offline. Was that just a sick joke they made for their entertainment?


Wile E. bastards. (2k)


what’s going on?


I took a break for lunch but I can go again if you’re around.


ill pop in and out between uber runs ^.^


It looks like the servers are being pulled right now. People are being slowly kicked and can’t go back.


Yup. :frowning:



Rest in peace, Stage 2. You will not be forgotten. :frowning:


Im at work so I dont know. Is any aspect of s2 available in training or offline mode.


I just checked, and yeah it’s still possible to play with bots.


I guess it’s over now…Stage 2 is no more. All we have to do now is to play on Legacy.


Good thing I have legacy.


Evolve Stage 2 was the worst Evolve experience anyway. It was Evolve in easy/casual/scripted mode!

In all honest I am a little bit glad that it died! Now eveyone can go back to legacy and learn to hunt again instead of following a red arrow!


Technically you can still play against bots you know.


Im not happy to see s2 go as I thoroughly love both versions of the game. But im long over stage 2 anyways. Now we only have one version, no more split community regardless of playerbase. And a good Legacy match, lots may not know this but theres nothing better then the thrill of a real hunt. Kill or be killed, players will now be more critical of their gameplay. Sorry guys the baby steps are over. Its time to play real Evolve.