Final Stage 2 Evolve Jam 2nd-3rd


Well best of luck to you. Try to pm her on the forums too. Maybe she’ll respond.

I’ll tag someone who might still be watching to help you out.



Add me on steam and I can invite you.


Add me on steam! My name is the same as my forum name. Is your name FlyingFactory on steam?


Nope, I’m Apoplekt. Added both of you


I’ll ask Sledge if she got his invite. I stopped playing because of family rules…I was playing at 4 am.

But I’ll play again because I’m dissident.


My broadcast is live through Steam only I’m afraid, but I do plan to watch Stealth Shampoo’s stream later. I’m sure he has an archive. I’ve also been recording matches, loading them to youtube periodically as I can. Was good to see you in game!

Click on this video and it will take you to my channel:


Also have a live stream from BadTeacher:

He archives through youtube also.


It is truly a sad day… i know, eventho we have legacy. stage 2 leaving is just such a huge bite away, a large bite from our hearts.

2k could have made the server regions that connect people together but no, we dont even know how the server separates people, asia and european players can’t play together unless one changes the download region, i feel this is 1 big part of the way to kill it on purpose.

Goodbye Stage 2, what i gained was being closer to the TRS community, friends that i have made ((I made some really good friends from here that will last a lifetime) , i’m sure all of you feel the same way. Goodbye… , ((in a way, i feel the TRS devs have long said their goodbyes and felt what we felt now when the ownership was delivered and also the wrong finger pointing at them.))


Ah… now everyone can observe my poor performance. :laughing:

That was great fun though. I never really play online with people so I was super nervous when I joined but everyone was chill. It was nice to play with people who wanted to play and additionally who weren’t harsh. Most of my friends, you can tell they aren’t having a good time. So thanks for letting me join Sledge and allowing for some great matches.

(Feel I should add. If you don’t know already my ID on Steam is creepercola106.)


As a console player who made it over to stage 2, I can’t find the original anywhere. Is it possible to get Legacy at this point on PC?


Yes, but you will need to buy a code. G2A still has some last I checked for a few dollars. $3-5 I presume.


I want to but I can’t keep going. Servers are still active though, so anyone that wants to say goodbye still can. To be honest I don’t really want to be inside a game when they pull the plug. It is depressing enough as it is.


I’ve said my goodbyes to Renegade Abe, Crow and Rogue Val.

Goodbye, Stage 2. Thanks for everything. :cry:





Couldn’t bring myself to boot this up again, I think I’d have been too sad about it all. I’m glad people have it a good send off though, I’m going to keep my memories of better times as my final memories though :frowning:


Stage 2 is still alive! :slight_smile: Not sure for how long, but the servers are still up and running.



A cursed number for a cursed day…


I’m surprised that it’s not over.


Seems that maybe it was not an automated shut down and someone forgot to flip the switch. I’m not complaining but at the same time…I feel as if this is somehow on purpose, in a negative way.


and now the #4th! hehe well this morning I have seen @SledgePainter and I am currently in a lobby with @Dovahkick. Now if we can just get a lobby with more TRS goers.

Brings a smile to my face to meet up like this again though… its been so long.