Final Stage 2 Evolve Jam 2nd-3rd


I didn’t even know that you could stream with steam.

Dovah, do you know sledge’s steam name?


me too and im having trouble finding where to watch her on there


Whenever someone ask if he/she can watch you playing, it triggers automatically and you can decide if that person can watch yes or no. You ujst have to right click a friend and scroll between the options, or you can do that directly by looking at the user’s staem page.


Do I have to reinstall Evolve and bring back Wraith? :thinking:


It’s your choice, it’s on PC, Stage 2.


One of the matches we’ve done a few hours ago.


As a heads up Stealth Shampoo is also doing one last huzzah for Evolve Stage 2 as well.

I would join, but I’m teaching a personal financing course tonight so I can’t attend. I would like to see if we can get some campaign evac games going in the future with Legacy though :wink:


I slept past my alarm. Is it still happening? Doesn’t seem to be anybody on.


This happened to me long ago. I contacted 2K support explained what happened etc. and they fixed the issue and got all my variants back.


Huh okay. Thanks for the heads up. Did it take long for 2k to get back to you?


It was quite awhile ago but I dont think it took more then a few days tops.


Ah I am so sorry I missed all this chat, was organizing lobbies and such. Uh, yeah I don’t stream personally but people can watch off my broadcast from my steam profile. You click me and hit the button that says Watch Game.

I am SledgePainter on steam, same avatar. I’m easy to find. I did have to take a break a few hours but I plan to be gaming tonight and tomorrow until servers go down.

I’m thrilled about Stealth doing a stream!


I regret not being able to watch. However, if you have any clips from the stream, I would love if you pm them to me so I can watch them at a later time.


Anyone still around? Can I get in on this?


I’m still on! Just getting into a game now!


Cool, if you have a slot, can you add me?


Personally, im not in the event, but I would ask @SledgePainter since she is hosting the event.


Yeah I added her on steam but she hasn’t replied so probably in game/stream.


Yep. I would say just hop in and watch for now. If there is space, just pm her or whatever and she’ll probably invite you into a game.

I don’t really use steam too much so I’m not sure how that stuff all works, but try it anyway.

Man I really wanted to watch, but I don’t have access to pc all the time.


I’m not entirely sure, but I think you can’t PM or watch someone not in your friends list. Oh well.