Final Stage 2 Evolve Jam 2nd-3rd


The Jam is on Stage 2.


I know, but if I switch to Stage 2 then go back to Legacy, I don’t want Jack and Emet gone.


You won’t lose them on Stage 2, but I think you’d risk losing them on Legacy. I already lost all the variations on Legacy and I don’t know how to get them back.


Oh boy. Ok. I’ll just be playing on my crappy laptop.


It might just be an authentication issue… I played today and I had all my variations.


Alright, I’ll check tomorrow if it’s that.


I played the other day but Torvald was gone for some reason.


we could do a steam group chat too, but yah, just so that we get organized properly


I can probably organize one as people come in. That way peeps can form their own lobbies too if we get the numbers.



I’m probably gonna be watching the stream at night today if I can.


… if I didn’t have a life/work… In all seriousness, I may or may not swing by. I get off mid-afternoon.


OMG ITS THE 3RD?! I’ve just got back from holiday and my PC is really playing up right now. I’m actually gonna freaking cry if I can’t get on before the end…


Today and tomorrow Grizz, since we don’t know when they are pulling the plug tomorrow. :confused: Hope to see you able to play!


Awww I’m working most of tomorrow as well ;_;

I thought it was more like the 10th… Propper upset about that.
Still makes my heart sink every time I come to this realisation -_-


has it started?


It’s really weird and unpredictable. At times all of the hunters except for tier 1 are locked, sometimes only Slim and Emet are locked, most of the time it’s only Slim… Really weird.


I’m guessing it is has just started right now.


ok im sorry to ask but what streaming service is it on?


You can watch her from Steam.