Final Stage 2 Evolve Jam 2nd-3rd


I wanted to let everyone know I plan to hold an Evolve jam on the 2nd through to the 3rd. We don’t know when the servers will be shutting down on the third…could be in the early morning hours or even up until the final minute to midnight, so we just plan to game as much as possible until the servers get pulled.

I plan to have my broadcast through steam open for anyone to watch at random, and also open lobbies for all comers to pop in and out as they wish. Most of the games will necessarily be customs due to demand, but I’ll be in contact with several other Evolve players also so if you can’t get into my lobby we will have 1 or 2 others open as well, and a few monsters out in Hunt Beta for 4-man squads.

Come enjoy the last bit of Stage 2 while you can; we plan to run co-op as well for Deepest Dark and Arcade for the modes we’ll no longer see. Also plan to see a lot of the characters we won’t have access to anymore such as Electro Griffin, Quantum Caira, Battle Cabot, and Glacial Behemoth.

After servers shut down on the 3rd, I hope to see you make a return to Evolve: Dark Souls Edition: Legacy!


Evolve: Confusing the shit outta Daisy edition: Legacy :wink:


At what hour will it begin? I’ll be in as soon as I can.


I’ll be honest I don’t have a set time of when I’ll begin on Sunday. I guess whenever I finish breakfast which for you will be in the afternoon.


I will be there for sure!


Man…I don’t know what to say. I will try to be there.

Let’s give it up for evolve.


i’ll try to be there too, yap dark souls legacy version, i’ll install it after S2 says farewell. i hope TRS have a some small news to comfort us regarding the closure here.
we are hoping for the next big thing from TRS, that’s the consolation.


Do you know what time that will be in terms of EST?


I will try to join in on sunday! If anyone can give me the start time in PDT, I will see what time I can make it.


I really want to play some more evolve, but I have no motivation because well, I suck…extremely bad. Like you could go completely blindfolded, arms behind back, and using your feet to play, and I would find a way to loose.


I just started playing again, and I’m in a similar boat. Still want to try though!


I’m on Xbox btw.

I force myself to play monster against bots but I still lose :cry:

I think I’m more comfortable with Hyde, stomping around with his flamethrower, screaming profanities, telling the monster to fuck itself…ah fun times.
I still remember the one game I played as Lennox where I sat in the back shooting with her auto cannon. I have no idea how to play 99% of the evolve characters.

I even recall telling myself that Lazarus was easy and then hopping into a game and getting my butt wiped.


What timezone is this? I’m AEST (Australian time).

That doesn’t matter. I’m sure no one is going to be judging you, we’re just there to have fun and enjoy Stage 2 in its final moments.


we should get something straight, which discord server will we be on, my timezone is 12 hours difference


I don’t have an official start time but I’ll probably get started myself tomorrow around 9am CST, 2pm UTC. It’s all very casual. I will also see about grabbing links to streamers you can watch.

@MaddCow will you be jamming and streaming?
@GrizzleMarine ?

Add me to your steam friend list if you want to watch my steam broadcast directly or be able to jump into my games (I haven’t figured out how to stream via YouTube but even if I did I don’t have a dual monitor to also chat there, so sadness). If my games are full, however, I will be in touch with other lobbies so no worries, we’ll get you in somewhere! People will be coming and going as they take breaks for lunch etc. we just plan to play as much as we all can for these two final days.

Sorry this is PC only, for Stage 2.


Ah, I don’t actually use the Discords, really. We call use the “official Evolve Discord” I suppose. GDBf6n

I do not use Discord for voice chat, typically. I find Steam easier to organize, tbh.


Not sure if I can play… But if you will be streaming, I’ll watch for sure!


Never got to play stage 2… :frowning:


There’s no way you will learn if you don’t play lmao… Get rid of that mindset and instead of playing mindlessly try to think of the situations in which each hunter or monster ability would be useful…

Playtime has nothing to do with skill either; that’s why you won’t learn a thing if you keep playing the same way and spamming the same abilities everytime over and over again. You also need to actively analyze what you’re doing and what for. Be critical and think ahead instead of just pressing buttons for the sake of it. Do some math, do some playtesting, practice monster combos, practice dodging and positioning, etc…


I’ve been hearing issues about people losing their variant characters on Legacy, that’s more or less why I’m hesitant to join. Has the issue been resolved yet, does anyone know?