Final Pounce Death Sequence


If the last hunter gets pounced by the monster, can we just cut to an epic death sequence involving watching the monster brutalize the hunter while he screams instead of watching for X seconds while you do so regularly? Consider it having a multiple ending option (Since when the monster wins, you only ever see him roar/pose). I saw this suggested in the nerf-pounce thread… and it’s kinda growing on me.

Based on feedback and clarification, the intent is to replace the last hit and “roar” ending with a ravaging of the last hunter sequence. The actual “gore” will not be present, but clipped out leaving any vivisection to the imagination. It’s just to provide a diversity of endings.


All I think is: Finish Him!


But that pounce is not always then end. I have seen reavers save a pounced hunter in time for the team to return, or at least save him from the pounce and he got killed another way. This would be an insta win, when currently, there are ways this could fail. I am sorry, but I don’t like this idea because it would make the end too easy.


It doesn’t have to “cut to the chase” and instantly end the game, but at least add a different ending than the standard “roar” one. Just add some diversity to your ending cinematics.


Just make the last strike that would kill the hunter trigger the scene. That way if there was a chance for the hunter survive it is still there and if he would have died from the hit anyway you get your finishing move.


Yeah, that sounds good!


Yeah that makes more sense than how I thought. Sorry, @Forestlight


Uh, I can’t see how that stuff would look ingame actually, although the idea sounds cool. It has some corpses and man-eating sure, but nothing especially violent, so I can’t really see how Goliath will tear a screaming last man apart and burn whats left of him, or Wraith slicing someone with those big blades of her in pieces or cutting off one limb after another - sounds like some Mortal Kombat Fatality LOL - it will be too violent compared to overall style of the game. Dunno, maybe it’s just from my point of view.


Although if they did have the monster rip the final hunter apart and it happened to be Torvald, I’d love to hear “NOOOO NOT AGAIN!!!”


I suggest most of that happen off-screen, leave the rest for the imagination, ankles up ^^


This idea is fun, but I don’t like it for one simple reason:

It denies what is in my opinion the funniest comeback potential of all time.

That moment when a mammoth bird interrupts the sneak pounce on the last hunter up and the monster get’s a face full off bullets and loses the game because he was super low and he took his hands off the keyboard and thought it was over (or in a more boring world the hunters gain those extra few seconds they need to respawn)? This is too precious to lose friends. Sorry, as someone who’s life has been saved by a mammoth bird or reaver or multiple occasions: I have to give this pretty cool idea a thumbs down.


Already been covered. Save the animation for the “last hit” and use it as a replacement for the “roar” ending :smile:


Eeeh this would just make me want to alt-tab sooner.

It would just be rubbing the defeat in - and a the hands of a cheesy sneak pounce at that.

I mean, do we really need to see a scene of Hyde melting the Monster’s face off every time he wins?


I love this idea!


No, gore would be ok, the monster gets a gruesome and humilliating death when he dies, while hunters just drop on the ground “to sleep”. Not fair.


Eh, I would describe it as overdramatic - like an actor on stage drawing out their character’s death for as much time in the spotlight as possible.


Oh man That is a great idea, can we get @MacMan on the case ? :smiley:


I’d be for it. Even so much as a few alternate animations spanning the length of the usual Roar/Leaving Dropship scene would be plenty in that regard. Imagine Lazarus fading into sight from cloak and landing a final decisive round through Goliath’s eye before fading back into stealth.

Or Behemoth grabbing the final Hunter he was on (Hell doesn’t even have to be from a Pounce, surely any Game-Winning Killing Blow could start one of these!), slamming him violently into the ground a couple of times before picking the Hunter up and dropping them into their mouth.

On the other side of the coin, I wouldn’t imagine something like this being too high on the priority list for a while yet, if something akin to it was even to be introduced at all!

Still… fun to think about :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the laugh mate.


Yeah and when Kraken is pouncing Caira she’ll scream in japanese and unecessary censoring will appear.

Would be quite funny.