Final nail


I think the last update, even though it tried to fix some things, it will actually be the demise.

I will go point by point:
After the update, the searching of players is huge. On average, I search for about 5-10 minutes before I’m able to play a single game.
If I’m lucky, the monster keeps on playing.

More than once I’ve got a monster with ping 30-50, and we, the hunters, were all 300+.

Ranked play:
For whatever reason, and I think I’m not alone, I got some really low skilled players and I got into Bronze.
I really don’t see a way to climb out of it, honestly, it’s a closed loop.


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Luckily Macman and co are on the case and are sorting out some solution for the issue of hunters being largely clumped in the upper Bronze/lower Silver ranks. :smile:

To try and help put you with the best mix of hunters. If people are using preferences correctly and the right people are searching at the same time as you, you should get a lobby with a compatible match of people. But because it’s ranked you can’t have it so that people just get automatically slotted in to a role because if they’re AFK they’ll ruin the ranked game for those who then end up with a bot.


I never realized why you have to click your preference. I do hate the feeling of racing to a class, I’ve had so many people quit and make me wait because they didn’t get the class they wanted, and I’ve had many people beat me to it too. But making them click a class does guarantee they aren’t idol, which is a good idea!!

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I don’t like that excuse. There were idle people before, and so are now. They could have a report button and if 2+ player report idle and the system determines no user input, then the user is idle.

And now that the waiting time to find players has increased dramatically, I don’t know about you, but I cannot stare at the searching player screen for 10 minutes.

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I think they’ll fix the ranking. Last night, in pugs, I’d lose 5-8 points when I lost, but only gained 2 or so from a win (these were all with fairly similar rank players). I think they just need to balance the numbers and give more points for wins in the bronze groups to help people have a chance to climb up.


Not sure what exactly you mean by “people are using preferences correctly”. My point is, the same effect is/can be achieve if you remove “preferences” ? I saw people who are more willing to not chose a class and “reset” the search rather than select the remaining choosable class.


However now they are much less likely to be idle during the game, which helps to ensure no ill feelings because you lose due to an absent player.

I’ve had one game where someone went idle after selecting a class, they never made it in to the game before they were kicked for being idle. But it left us with a bot and none of us had someone we could invite in at such short notice. Imagine that more often because people leave the match making running while going off and doing something else and forgetting about it?

I used to spend 10 minutes at a time going through the process of being placed in a match and playing that match where it was more often than not completely imbalanced with regards to hunter skill vs monster skill. I’m not losing out on any quality game time by waiting a little longer for a better match, and so my enjoyment per game has increased hugely. Don’t focus so much on the waiting time and you’ll enjoy life better.

People that only want to play a certain role and won’t select the remaining one will always exist. People selecting their preferences (and being honest about it) lessens the chance of that happening because there is a better chance that no-one in the lobby will pick the role that guy wants

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