Final Form Omega Super evolutions in evolve


I know there is probably a 98.7% chance that this’ll never happen but how cool would it be if TRS implemented a “Final Form Omega Super Evolution” where the monster evolves one last time where their appearance chances and they do more output damage and increased speed but has no armor whatsoever. And they can’t max out their final ability.

Just imagine a Goliath that reached Final Form Omega Super Evolution and now has four arms and is enormous. There is no increase in health either.


Reminds me of a mega evolve in Pokemon.


I think if you want to go all out and make this a fun idea, get rid of the limitations you think might make it actually happen. I love the idea of a stage 4 monster, extra health, armor, skills, and size? hell yeah, that sounds awesome. Goliath with four arms?

yes please.

It just doesn’t really fit the game right now, only mode I could see it viable in is defend where the hunters can just follow you into the jungle and kill you. That might make it more even. But not enough people play defend to warrant the effort. Even though it’s such a rad idea.

One can dream.


As enjoyable as Undertale was, I’m still convinced that, that boss was inspired by a Cyriak video.


Would be sick if monsters can mega evolve into a psuedo stage 4. At the cost of giving up some of there health or something. Not gonna happen though oh well can dream


This is a terrifying idea lol from the Hunter’s standpoint.
I’d call the Dropship back to pick me up and leave Shear forever. The Monsters can have the planet at that point.


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