Final Fantasy Type-0 HD


Hey guys/gals, I’m going to be getting this for my PS4 tomorrow and will be using it as an experiment to setup my streaming hardware/software for utilization of the PS4 for… reasons I won’t go into at this point. That being said, I’m curious on if anyone here has played the game that I could ask a couple of questions.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and as such I like to 100% a lot of the games that I own. That being said, is there anything missable? I hear that there are 4 cutscenes that can be missed on the first run through. If that is all that is missing do you lose any kind of 100% status, or can I view those later?

Second. There are 3 starting difficulties with another locked after New Game +. I consider myself to be a good gamer in general and tend to play all games on max difficulty anyway, however, I hear mixed opinions on the Agito difficulty. Is this intended only for New Game Plus games, or will I be fine on first play through to start here and then choose the higher difficulty after the first playthrough? I don’t want to bore my stream with 20 hours of grinding to make up the difficulty curve etc…

Thanks for answers to these in advance! Hoping I get most of the bugs worked out to see if I do more streams/recordings in the future with my PS4.


will i be able to face the admirable cow on the ps4? that is the question.


I can neither confirm nor deny my intents on what my future plans for my PS4 might be :slight_smile:


I know you said you would move Cowmoonity Coaching to consoles. But damn, you move fast for a cow.

@kyronr600 Yeah…According to his brother he can read your thoughts, he spent half an hour just trolling us as Goliath, he tranq’d me like a billion times in one match…

I would say it wasn’t fun but I’d be lying. :smile:


I’m not saying that this is anything other than rumor at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

Good times :smiley:


Soo glad my PS4 broke ^.^ soo glad
######dying inside


Sorry to hear that. I’ve literally had the thing collecting dust. My brother and wife got it for me for Christmas in 2013. This will be the first game I purchase for it :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, I was hoping MGS V would have been out. Other honorable mentions Kingdom Hearts III and FF XV.


yup, mine was a Christmas gift as well but when it started malfunctioning I sold it for a new xbox with 2 new games… that PS4 had a nice resale value literally covered all but $30 of the cost…
######looking back I should have put that towards a pc >.<