Final Days


Welp, we stand to see our last few days until the release of Evolve. It’s been a long wait, and now its coming to an end.

I’ve been waiting a whole year and then some for this game to release. Heard of it from a friend so I decided to look it up. Instantly loved it and began researching more for it. Every little morsel of information they hand out was amazing in those times. Where I just wanted to see gameplay of Goliath and shit. The release of the Interactive Trailer was amazing. The release of the second tier. All of it just kept the hype going.

To the community, how did you find Evolve? How long have you been waiting? This mainly goes out to the oldies whom have been there day one. But you new guys feel free to share your endeavors!

For the Dev’s. I asked this question awhile back and now I ask it again. How does it feel to be the Developers of this HEAVILY anticipated and craved-for game? I want to see you all comment. I wish to know how you all truly feel about your success.

It’s been a long wait my friends. Now I say to you.
#Happy Hunting.


Around when it was announced, I thought it looked neat\a game to eventually buy, it wasn’t until the beta that it became a must have for me since it was a blast. Can’t wait to get some more time in as Lazarus/Bucket, my favorites to play as. :slight_smile:


For the past year I have been preaching this game to my friends, constantly talking about it, googling it, watching videos of it…

Now it’s finally here, and I can’t wait! I first discovered Evolve in some gaming magazine I saw at WinCo, but I didn’t think too much of it. That was until I started seeing youtubers posting videos from the Alpha, and the moment I saw Kraken, I was hooked I only got to play the beta, but just as I had expected, I loved it!

And I just wanted to say, thank you all for being the most awesome forum community out there. And thank you TRS, for bringing us this amazing game. Happy hunting!


I am going to eat EVERYONE!


Well, I’m going to eat MONSTER SASHIMI.


You know I regretted not playing the beta. I feel like I missed out on a taste of gaming goodness. Luckily live streams, game videos, and youtube have satiated what had been missing.

Which is why today after a lengthy debate with my PS4 I proudly went ahead and pre-ordered the Xbox One version of EVOVLE from GameStop, along with the season pass.

Now if only Tuesday would hurry up and just be tomorrow. The world, society, and gamers in general would be a better place! LoL


thank god for Steam, i luckily got in a day before the alpha launched and have been preaching to my friends since then, so far ive converted 2 of my friends to the ways of the Turtle Rock and since then theyve been foaming at the mouth waiting for the Hunt


Since you seem to have been successful at converting people over to the dark side. I might need to enlist your services recruiting my punk little brother who claims he’ll only want to play as a monster because I quote " Think the hunters will be really boring".

This kid just doesn’t get it! LoL


i know i don’t come around that often, and if i did i’d be a Leader level forum member by now (i was once, extremely briefly, before the criteria changed. and trust me, that’s okay.)

I actually skipped past it in a Game Informer article the “first time i saw it” and ignored it. My friend irl (we’ll call him Bob) Bob told me about this game that was 4v1. At the time, i was completely skeptical (the only good 4v1 experiences I’ve ever had were 4v1 snipers when 3 people on my Halo: Reach team left, and i proceeded to rise from being behind 25 kills to winning with 4 total deaths) and nearly completely disregarded him. Time passed, and Bob reminded me once again about the game (It’s called Evolve, you play as one of Four hunters against a monster… Neither Bob nor myself knew you could play as the Monster at the time). This time, since he seemed interested and so few of the games that Bob likes fall flat (looking at you, Destiny) I looked into it.

Thus starting my long Year and a Half journey of waiting for this absolutely amazing game.

I found the forum briefly after the “Interactive Goliath” trailer came out on YouTube… and I began posting during E3 when they were doing a Tournament. I’ve been enjoying my fellow forum-goers posts ever since, and advocating the game to everyone I know as often as is possible.

Thank you Devs, and thank you Bob for introducing me. (His pick-up line that perked my ears up was: “They created Left 4 Dead”)


Yeah, same here. I’ve been waiting over a year. That’s an absurdly long time to wait for a game to release. I’ve been fervently checking for information, new gameplay, ways to enter the alphas, people to play with, etc. I’ve been on the forum since its creation, but never made an account until recently. I have loved this game since the very beginning.

And I’ll love it till the very end.


i got hype on this game around e3 or so when they showed kraken i was sold! old man lighting god plus godzilla middle school bully>me in love


Ugh, is it really over a year now? Maaan, time flies by fast…

Welp, people. There’s not turning back now.


I signed up for the Alpha months before it started and completely forgot about it. I then saw an email in my gmail account saying something about the Big Alpha and evolve and then I did a bit of googling downloaded the Alpha and well I tried Evolve and it was awesome.


my forum member birhday is coming up lol. thats how long its been. and to think i lurked for 2 months before joining. ID be 1 years old on here!!


My brother owned a small radio show where he explained all the latest gaming news. I was listening to it and he said that a new upcoming fps from the creators of l4d is coming titled evolve. This was last March. Been waiting ever since


I remember reading about it in a magazine at the public library back in 2009/2010 time-frame and immediately got pumped because I knew who the developers were. There was no info in the article other than it was a sci-fi type shooter developed by TRS


When Evolve was announced in January, I was blown away! It was lined up to be my next favorite game (I haven’t had one of those since Mass Effect 2). I “liked” the Facebook page when it was just barely out of the double digits. (Followed on Twitter, too, of course). Scoured the internet for news. And, not to mention, I checked the TRS job postings to see if they needed a CM (at the time, they did not).

When I played Evolve at my interview for this position, I walked away with the biggest grin on my face. It was exactly as amazing as I anticipated! It was basically the most exciting project to be interested in me as a CM, and somehow, they wanted to hire me. I was going to get to work on my top game in 2014!

Here we are… a couple days away. I played 4 hours on the stream yesterday and each game was just as exciting as that first playtest so many months ago. I’m always walking away grinning and giddy to discuss the match with my teammates.

I know I’m much newer than guys like @MacMan, @SlabOMeat (obviously) and so many more at TRS, but I’m so proud to be a part of this. I actually can’t believe this is my job!

This is where it gets really fun, when you guys get to try it out with me! So, without further ado (well… 3 days…) let’s hunt :wink: