Final countdown until official release!


After watching the E3 trailer in June, trying to get a hold of those Big Alpha codes in August, and waiting 8 Months for release, its finally time! The final few days until the official release! Heres a timer I made counting down the final days!!&swk=1



Yaaay. I can’t wait. No game can satisfy my hunger for Hunters :frowning:


inb4 server lags/error connecting to 2k/Multiplayer services are offline etc etc


Try waiting 12 months!
I don’t think I’ve waited so long for a game in my life!


8 more days…192 hours,

back to twitch to see who’s streaming.


Yeah… I’ve been waiting on this game since the very, very beginning, and others with me. It’s been such a wild ride. I don’t think I’d wait this long- and keep on caring, and loving the game, and waiting for information doggedly- for any other game.

So. We’ve been waiting a year, and now only a few days remain. The feels are real, bro.



We are so close, so close.
I just hope I won’t get hit by a car or something during this week. :wink:


'nuff said ;D


2 days before release and the game would be delayed i would cry so much


But as an apology, all us regulars get a press release copy. :stuck_out_tongue:




23 hours left for the european xbox Players


About 12 hours until American PC Players on Steam!