Filling Empty Slots / Bot Issues


Quite often a lobby will have empty slots (I imagine if people leave just before or as the lobby is formed). Usually just one, but I recently had a lobby with only me and one other player. There’s the option to invite a friend to fill these slots, but otherwise they remain empty when the match begins. Also, obviously, people often drop or disconnect mid-match.

I’ve got two suggestions for this issue:

  1. Allow players searching for a match to fill the empty slots in a lobby, and preferably don’t let the match begin until they do.
  2. Introduce a fourth matchmaking option alongside HUNT / RANKED / CUSTOM like JOIN A MATCH IN PROGRESS that’s effectively a drop-in feature which allows you to fill an empty slot in a game in progress, but with the result not counting towards your win-loss ratio (so you don’t suffer when joining a losing game). This would appeal to people that want to play casually without affecting their win-loss ratio, people that want to grind keys without playing a full game, people that are hoping to load into a character they haven’t unlocked to try them out, and people with saviour complexes that are hoping to be a timely hero in a team’s moment of need.

The bots aren’t completely terrible, but at best they’re below average so I’m personally hoping that some solution is added.