Fill-in matchmaking system is annoying. Can't Play


I don’t understand why the game constantly puts me into games that have already started. Yes I understand that someone left, but what is the damn point of choosing my preferred role if i’m going to play a random or sometimes even the least preferred role…

On top of that, I have no idea what perk i’m using, who i’m playing with or how the enemy monster/hunters like to play. The worst part is the one minute penalty for leaving the game so that I can play something I want to play. This fill-in matchmaking system is obnoxiously annoying. It takes 8-10 tries of joining and leaving games to get my highest priority role sometimes.

The game has it’s ups and downs but there is no fun in getting stuck playing a role you are avoiding.


I second this because thanksto the games extremely unreliable servers it keeps d/c’ing me and my spot is immediately filled before I have to go throught the ridiculous fix of quitting my game