Fighting Wraiths and wrecking them!


Since alot of people have trouble fighting (or even finding) Wraiths, I’m sharing this video I pulled from my stream broadcasts.
It’s nothing special or out of the ordinary, it’s just a solid group of 4 hunters dealing with Wraiths. Some of you might learn from it and help you deal with future Wraiths.


Yes! Get the knowledge out there!
I play wraith, and am finding my gameplays are taking longer!
People are fighting back better, harder, and faster. I can’t always take my sweet time gathering meats.

Here’s hoping we don’t see many more “Wraith=OP” threads in the coming weeks.
I will agree, her Supernova is a bit much imo, but I’m glad to see people getting better.


Yeah, the Wraith needs a bit of tweaking but she’s not as OP as all the whiners claim her to be.