Fighting Wraith with a Full Party


Is SO much fun! It’s just insanity!

Calling out decoys, telling other where you think she is, planning how to cut her off. When you have a full team that actually coordinates their actions, it’s a blast to fight a Wraith.

So all I really have to say on the whole “Wraith OP” matter is: Trust Turtle Rock. Sure, tweaks need to be made, but I think they know what they’re doing :wink:.


wraith is not op wraith is annoying as fuck which leads into poor playing on the hunter side


Beaten good Wraiths with a full party, doesn’t change the fact it’s a run and cutting off simulator. Still incredibly boring.


I couldn’t agree more I get excited when I see wraith at the pre game screen!


Yup, @Slewey and I have played games where we dome her at stage 1 and she does nothing but hide.

We know what we are doing, the fact is a Wraith who puts 3 points into decoy is incredibly elusive, even in the dome.


Running and cutting off is what you do with every monster. They’re all faster than the hunters. The only differences is it’s a little harder to tell which way wraith is going.


Not to the extent with the Wraith. Goliath and Kraken will at least engage when they’re domed and even if they do decide to dick around and run around you have a way better chance of dealing damage to them. People use Wraith to hide in corners and warp away at every given chance, while spamming decoy, not all but most because it’s the easiest way to avoid a fight and deal damage without any actual skill.

Wraith is guilty of being the least favorable Monster to fight because of how annoying it is to force a fight out of it.


It’s definitely not fun if the wraith plays super conservative come on wraith players live on the edge!!


If wraith wasn’t elusive in the dome at stage1, she would die instantly. What to expect with weak attacks and a sliver of health. I don’t have a problem fighting wraith it’s just a different tactic.


There’s really nothing elusive about pressing Decoy, holding stealth in a corner of a Dome fight or spamming traversal 3 times to another corner of the map and repeat it until the dome comes down.

The stealth and agility is used to cower than to actually engage.


She really can’t engage though, she’s way to weak at stage 1 to fight hand in hand with people like abe and caira in a dome.


This. The Wraith AI is insanely fun to play against, it seems. She uses her elusiveness and agility to pick apart the team, she engages often, doesn’t spam NovaCoy, and the fights against her are hectic and frenzied. That is how facing a Wraith should be.


She shouldn’t be domed at stage one at all, especially against Abe.


So what ? Take away her elusive abilities because she got domed? Fight her for 5 seconds and win ?


I completely agree, i play pubs at level 25+ and wraith goes down like every other monster but its sooooo fun and rewarding beating an elusive wraith. Im the support running asking the trapper when they want a cloak, pop it get right on the wraith wait for a good arena and throw down and dust tag with Cabot, wraith runs behind cover rail cannon and you can always see it split decoy. Calling out decoys waiting for Hyde or Markov to come with the damage and amping it up, then you have the balanced matches where the wraith and your team are going blow for blow and they get your medic and assault and then were like scatter and we run for our lives to live another drop ship, and dont get me started on my support shenanigans running into water cloaking and standing still. Wraith is just a blast to play against.


Taking a level 2 decoy in an average, win at stage 2 game around 12 minutes long, I did 12k in damage with decoy alone. That’s ridiculous. Supernova did around 15k.


That’s stage 2, I was talking about people complaining that a stage 1 wraith dosent fight. And if I play as wraith I never go to stage 3. I always thought decoy shouldn’t deal damage just knock back regardless


I do agree that decoy’s damage is way too high for a distraction tactic.


Idk, isn’t that kind of the point? Beating a Wraith generally is going to be more about combat ability as opposed to hunting and tracking ability. Wraith is generally weaker at straight up combat at stage 3 than Kraken or Goliath, if played correctly, in my opinion - which is where I think counter-play comes in.

I still think Wraith needs a change or two, I think being able to eat in stealth is dumb and is literally the reason I’ve won games against teams who are excellent at fighting me.

When I unlocked elite Wraith I was ranked #6, which isn’t saying much more than I’ve played Wraith more than others, but whatever.

When I’ve played hunter and domed a Wraith I’ve only felt that it’s my fault or my teams fault for not tracking the Wraith when she decoys, as if you shoot her you can see her momentarily even when invisible, similarly with Spy in tf2.

And there are level 1 domes against Krakens and Goliaths that go much more poorly than “Damn, we didn’t even take away all of her armor” and it boils down to bad engagement spots, which at level 1 seems like it could be either unlucky for the hunters or good play on the monster’s part.

I for one am very particular when choosing where I go at level 1 in the off-chance I do get domed.


the funny thing is sacriel playaed with a premade vs an decoy abuser they doomed him at stage 1 guess what he left the dome with more armor then he began with