Fighting the Wildlife



Usually i get one teammate in every game who’s continuously fighting the wildlife. What’s the point of doing this? Your team is going to be splitted or will get slowed down cause it has to help the one who is fighting (usually Assault) and can’t chase/cut off the Monster.

I play medic and i’m not really sure what i am supposed to do when my team got splitted this way. If i stay near the Assault my team has no heal if they encounter the monster. If i keep near my team the assault will come into midfight with half life.

So is there a valid reason to fight the animals except for the buffs?


Might be trying to obtain mastery through inflicting damage points


I can’t say much more than ’ mic communication '. But no fighting the wildlife, unless it is directly in your way or a buff, is pointless and makes free food for the monster.

  1. prolly because the guy was bored and wanted to shoot something

  2. there is an achievement for killing 1300 wildlife I think


Well i tried. Told “PLS stop fighting wildlife we have to cut off the monster” answer:“no we must kill the wildlife” That’s why i thought there would be a benefit for killing it.

If you need it for the achievements then this is really unlucky.


The benefit of killing elite wildlife is that it doesn’t respawn with another perk. Things like the Tyrant in the pool next to where you spawn in Aviary. Almost everyone kills it first so the monster can’t make any use of the health regen buff even if he eats it because it’s the beginning of the game. Otherwise you could bait a monster into eating a tranq dart if you dart something you kill. Other than that probably boredom.


Too bad. Looks like just new players or less knowledgeable ones in general.

At least its not as bad as the people that revive people normally when there is an alive Lazarus on the team, or the Lazarus reviving normally.