Fighting Laz in arena mode

Anyone else having problems fighting Laz in arena mode? It feels like his cloak combined with his ability to rez other allies makes him real hard to deal with, especially when he’s pared with mobility based allies


Laz can be pretty annoying, but he’s beatable. I think it’s much worse with Sunny though. Other than that, I have no complaints.

Take him out as quickly as you can. As soon as he cloaks, don’t bother searching for him if it’s a good player, just start focusing damage on his teammates until he pops up on your radar again.
Never, and I repeat never, focus an incapacitated Hunter. As you already know, it doesn’t matter to Laz whether his target is incapacitated or dead so there is literally no point for you to try to kill an incapacitated Hunter faster other than wasting your own health.
Always guard the body from a safe distance that still allows you to quickly return to the body when needed (to stomp that “sneaky” Laz into the ground of course).

If he’s paired with a good Hank or Sunny, the Support will have to be taken care of first. Which isn’t that big a deal with Laz’ weak healing output.
Personally I always (as Goliath) start by immediately burning Lazarus with Fire Breath and then making sure I’m very close to him when I start using Rock Throw. As I hold the rock up, Hank has no choice but to shield Lazarus prematurely because of how close I’m standing to him.

…at which point I turn around, yell “SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA!” and throw the rock at Hank.


I was just plowing through this till I got to the dexter reference, you brought a smile to my friend good sir

Sometimes you might try to bait the rez. Depends what monster you are and usually pick though. Btw, you wouldn’t happen to be A-Hardie on the PS4 would you? -.^ I think I played against you a couple hours ago with a couple guys in arena. We were running with a Laz too.

I personally like to force Assault to pop his shield, then I weaken support until assaults shield is done, then I kill assault and you can camp so much easier now that the damage dealer is dead. Camp it while minimizing your damage best you can for the 40ish seconds for the body to disappear(if you cannot eat it), and the rest of the team should not be an issue.

Otherwise, I just take feeding speed as a perk and you would be surprised how often I can either eat 1/2 the body really reducing the time Laz has for a revive or I get the entire body, now they are fucked…

I actually disagree with this one though.

If you play behemoth and you’ve got Rock wall, killing the incapacitated hunter is often not such a bad idea. When he’s dead you then rock wall yourself in with him and eat him.

Regardless of monster, I also generally like to put pressure on Laz by killing an incapacitated hunter. Remember, he can’t rez the corpse after 20 seconds.

Did they change the timer? :open_mouth:


I looked at this one for reference, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was quite outdated.

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45 seconds is the timer a body has until it can no longer be revived by our ghostly pal

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I disagree with this. Never focus at stage 1. I can agree with that. But the rest is situational. For example, if you down assault, I would focus him incapped. Especially if hank is on the team. If you do not, Hank can shield the assault keeping him alive, frequent healbursts from laz can keep him alive, his own shield can keep him alive. I suggest focusing him down so others cannot keep him alive. Start that decay timer to put pressure on Laz. If they are incapped only, well, time is on Laz’s and the hunters side.

edit Of course this is situational, if you are taking too much damage, then you are only hurting yourself. But if you end the game @ 0% health, you lose, but at 1% health, you win. So your health is a resource you use for victory, you just need to manage it properly.

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Ah, yes. Thought there was something smelly with the 20 sesconds the Planet tamer guide, stated. Thanks for clarifying. :smile:

No problem, those that made that guide probably didn’t survive on Shear very long…that’s why it isn’t up to date haha

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I like the part where it says it’s cheap, 'cause monsters think Laz reviving people right under them is cheap.


My tactic to a good laz who stays at distance and tries to sTay hidden is to get the assault down. Getting the assault down takes all that pressure off and btw, don’t body camp the assault because you’re still going to take punishment. Simply spread damage out until laz revives and by that time, laz will loose his cloak. If there’s a good hank then its a bit harder to strategist, but the hunters can still be beaten.

ive lost to 5 different lazarus’s and i find the best way if hes fast and cloaky alot kill someone else then wait fpr him to try and revive them then just kill him dead

Am GRADUALLY coming to hate Arena

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