Fighting four of a kind


If as a monster you had to play against four Supports, Medics, Assault, or Trappers which class would you choose to fight against.


  1. The group must be of the same class.
    Ex. Support: Hank, Bucket, Cabot, Sunny
  2. You start as a stage two monster.
  3. Assault, Support, and Trapper have regen perks.
  4. Please follow the rules.

Which class could beat a monster?

All trappers? This one isn’t very hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

The other choise would be medics, but there is just no way you will beat trough both Caira and Slim healing even if you go stage three. Val and Laz would be damage dealers mostly.


4 trappers would be a big puzzle game, because of they simultaneously dropped their domes, they could trap a monster in the rim of 2 or 3 of him, so he would be stuck in one little place. Super trolling.:stuck_out_tongue:

Same with supports and infinite invisibility hahaha


Trappers would be very annoying to deal with but… Medics would heal too fast and Assaults would deal way to much damage. Supports would be impossible to deal with because buckets heavy damage + the shielding + cloaks + jetpack boost not to mention damage amp.

I’d probably try to take down the trappers with rock throws and fire breath or 2 vortex + 2 lightning strike + 2 banshee mine I think Behemoth would get wrecked by all trappers and Wraith could do well against them and Kraken would be best against all trappers.


Easy… All assaults…


Trappers, hands down. They are the only class with no defense.


Trappers, wouldn’t be very hard…


I have this mental image of 4 maggi’s with 4 daisy’s and 20 traps on the ground…


I have this picture of the Kraken… ^.-


Four sunnys bring on the pain


Remember they have regen. Plus Tappers would be a pain in the ass considering Griff Magie and Abe slowing your ass down to a stop.
Sry for the late post


Medics! Turn all medics to Val… gg well played


It’s about time I see you on the forums Ted… Abandoning us so often, with no word, and no letters!


I’m sorry! Cries in a pool filled with tears


I dunno I’m pretty sure 3 vals can out heal anything you could throw at them while the 4th shoots you. Especially with the healing bursts.


Oh god! I just reread what was written. I thought they meant want hunters you needed to take down a monster