Fight my Monsters (xbox)?


LRoderick is my gamertag: wanna fight?


Changed category. :wink:


gonna fight me?


Sorry. PS4.


I’ll add you and invite you when my team gets on


Lemme know who wins. :smile:


When people take Evolve too seriously… Lmfao.


Right though?


Would’ve liked the enthusiasm as well, had it not been random and seemed far too serious for no reason.


Eh, I don’t really let random internet people get to me. And I try and stay on the mild mannered side of things, since that’s what’s expected on the forums. But, BUT, there are times I want to throw out all kinds of grizzly, inventive insults. I just try and refrain from doing so. :smile:
I shouldn’t have expected anything more positive from someone who’s thread basically consists of, “fight meh!!”


Heh, yeah, I like my fair share of inventive insults, but his wasn’t inventive in the slightest.


so shoot then.


what insult are you referring to?


whats your gamertag?


Arguing with random people on the Internet is petty, low and pointless.


Krakens on the forums trying to gloat about their new and improved and even more ridiculous monster… thats what he plays so you know just how fun of a match it would turn out to be…


Wanna fight brow!


yeah, i guess getting beaten to a pulp wouldent be fun for you. haha


my gamertag is posted, lets go.


Aren’t you the guy who only plays with buffs?