Fifth teir speculation?

By now we all know that the fourth monster is going to be the Behemoth, but does anyone have any guesses as to what the fifth or even sixth monsters will be? I’ve read a few things claiming that an insect monster with the ability to burrow is in our futures, but I have no Idea how valid that speculation is. Anyway, long story short, got any cool monster ideas?

i would like to see a creature with traps for example:
-drop a ball and if a hunter comes close it explodes into stickey goo
-drop an egg hunter comes close it spawns a creature

would be cool if it coud fly (not like kraken bur realy fly) and then drop stuff

I would like to see the burrowing monster be a mole like creature with the key difference being incredible smelling senses but has weak eyesight (fuzzy graphics at a certain range). I think this would be a fun monster to master if the abilities were done correctly.

A shape shifting monster would be fun too. Having a monster than can disguise itself (until hit a few times) as a megamouth or tyrant would add a whole level of gameplay for the hunters to master (Knowing how to track the monster while having somebody check the smaller animals just in case.)

I think a plant like creature would be good. Sort of a mess of vines and flesh, like a really angry Tangela from Pokemon.

-Has the ability to grab Hunters from afar with it’s vines and chow down on them.
-Ability to spit up digestive acids at Hunters causing periodic or aoe damage and impairing their vision for a bit.
-Charge ability, but instead of running, it rolls.

Lost for a fourth one, maybe some sort of trap? Lays out the man eating plants or something along the lines of that.

Lol you literally just described skills of other monsters in different words. Your first skill would be abduction and behemoths tongue skill. Your second would be goliaths Fire breath and maybe even krakens mines. And your third skill was a mix between goliaths charge and behemoths roll.

What do you think about this?