Fifth monster speculation

Is there any link between ebon star and the mutagen wars during and/or after them?
If yes, please, explain me how… this MAY resolve a big mystery about 5th monster…

Calling @mikeylikesit Wanna have a crack at this one?

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The writer of the game already confirmed that none of the Monsters are man made in another thread so no, it’s not a Basilisk soldier, or has anything to do with the mutagen tech or Basilisk program or Ebon Star.


EbonStar is a Private Military Corp hired by NORDITA and others to protect colonial assets from Pirates, Mercenaries and Hub.

The Mutagen wars were a bloody rebellion sparked by the basilisk nebula to become independant of hub. They used Insect DNA spliced with Humans to make super soldiers some of which were bigger than humans (probably about 3 meters tall) and had lots of armor, that bullets bounced off of but the Gen 1’s weren’t mentally stable. Chemtroopers (Like Hyde) were deployed to bypass this armor, by melting it. Lazarus men were cheap field medics because they didn’t have time to train new ones for a war. This was the first basilisk war, there were 2 others. Slim was part of the 3rd. The 3rd gens were less extensive and were better off mentally. But Hub won the 3rd war and finally stopped the basilisk wars.

There aren’t many soldiers left, and certainly not enough to destroy entire colonies.

There is also no connection to EbonStar

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No connection that I can see between EbonStar and the Basilisk Rebellion.

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Also, this disproves Human involvement

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The fact is that we know the Ajax was transporting on board a monster that escaped. I thought maybe the crew of the ajax was instead transporting a particular subject from the 1st mutagen war or whatever kind of basilisk creature since the 5th monster looks like a bug :confused:

If EbonStar really cared about the bounty, they’d have shot a Basilisk on sight. No Prize for one that isn’t dead.

If you wanted to reverse engineer mutagen tech, it’s probably on the black market.


It’s already been confirmed that the Monsters are NOT manmade. By the lead writer, due to the whole Lovecraftian theme.

The Basilisk soldiers were manmade.

Ergo, the Monster and Basilisk soldier have nothing to do with each other.

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I was watching a somewhat awesome videos game of evolve on YouTube and in the dropship a convo between laz and maggie that may hint about the next monster being able to resurrect or revive dead things

I’m not sure if there has already been a thread about this

Listen to the dropship convo

Here’s the text for those that are too lazy:

[Maggie] The monsters seem to be getting weirder. I wonder if there’s any limit to what they can do?

[Lazarus] I fear there is not. We only met the Kraken after the Goliaths fought Markov,
lightning for lightning. And when that was not enough, Wraith. And when stealth was not enough, Behemoth.

[Maggie] You think eventually they’ll evolve something we can’t beat?

[Lazarus] I think about a monster that learned from me.That can bring it’s minions back from the dead.

[Maggie] Right, about halfway through my question I thought “Why am I asking this”

There you go!
Reading through the text made me think… They’re right! The monsters seem to evolve to adapt to new situations, to keep up with the hunters’ weaponry! I wonder if the new monster is going to have any new features to adapt to any of the current or future hunters.

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Thankyou for that! Hahah

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Wrong. It was actually after goliath realized the power of the mammoth birds.

Thus kraken is OP. Lol


So they went from strong to very strong to weak to pathetic? Nice evolution there guys but I think you’re doing it wrong.






More like strong, to very strong, to OP AS SHI-Oh wait nevermind, to SLOW AS F***!

That’s how I like to think about it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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HEY you leave wraith alone she is perfectly fine against non premades.

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Plot twist

The mosnters know lazarus isnt viable and feel theres nothing to learn from him.

This slim fellow though… Maybe there was something learned from him.


And so the Tier 5 monster used the Hunters’ health to regain its own, bathing in the tears of pubs, plebs and scrubs everywheeeeeeeeeere.

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I was just in a match where all the hunters had 300 ping and the monster had 1 ;-;

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The Monster used a spore cloud to disorient the hunters!