Fifth monster speculation

it could be a partially mechanized Cerberus each head giving it a element? Who said each monster must be limited to one element? Mabye even a hyrda

THE BAHAMUT idea is nice but my own personal feelings Are for a queen monster. I feel this way because I entered a nest mission with caira, griffin, hank, and Hyde. Caira said she didn’t think that the goliath, kraken, wraith, or behemoth were laying the eggs. So I would like to see the 5th monster as something like an insect queen. Kind of like the original beta monster “the host”. Something big that can spawn multiple insects, but also that could lay one minion egg per 5 minutes. And the insects it spawns hatch immediately and either seek out the hunters, create organic mucus shields around the queen, or fly around shooting the hunters with acid slime.

“Her name is Queen, and she’s a whole new kind of Dangerous”

  • Stinger the Hornet-human hybrid

How about like a radioactive mutant that can focus his radiation and can spawn poisonous / toxic underlings?

That does sound tempting, but what would you base the look on?

Or a spider monster but uses ice

For anyone interested there is a thread where people have been working hard towards making a monster to be presented to the devs for possible use. We’re roughly 2/3 if the way done or so but we welcome more people to join in. You guys all seem to have good ideas so would be welcome. Be aware though some things have already been decided and a summary of it can be found at the top of thread. The threads, Help Create a Monster!
On a side note one, I tried to push for a dragon myself but no dice, still what were doing now is going to be awesome.

Two ideas for your dragon what if instead of air it’s thing is energy, such as kinetic (force/wind) light (LAZERS!) and heat (fireballs) this way you could have more freedom with your design. Also here are some other famous dragin names, Tiamat, or Fafnir.

Holy crap, your animation is very fluid and graceful. Do you think you could do a couple animations for our monster when it’s ready to be presented to the devs. It would really help.

I want another brawler, give us a werewolf thing.

or a zombie monster that can spawn zombie creatures maybe 20 at a time. They can be killed easy by hunters but its the number that make it dangerous.

It depends… on a lot of stuff:schedule namely, what it will look like, details, and all the abilities that you want, so its gotta be all completed. But yeah i could try, but i gotta admit, while this may the the 1st or one of the few animations that you have seen on these forums that are a lot of peeps out there that are waaaaay better than me.

but also I mostly do stick figures with not a lot of detail to get the job done faster

The stick figure should be fine, the motion of the figure as well as the animation of the attack will be enough. Basically what you did on this thread would be perfect. If you are unable to do it that’s fine, I appreciate the fact that your even considering it.

Apologies for the late reply… Probably something out of half-life. Which would be sick…also does anybody know if I uninstall evolve ever will all my event skins (earned every one except the arctic skins) be erased or not?

You know a warrior concept that I think is being ignored? The strategist, or Tactician
Enter the Basilisk

Stealth based like wraith or all-or-nothing like Goliath?

I’m thinking another ranged or CC. Already have 3 melee 1 ranged and arguably light on the CC.

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I’d prefer something that was unique, and didn’t fit with either.


Yeah Cc would be cool

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Howbout a flying monster that works best in maps like aviary

What’s Cc?

Close Combat I think.

Ehhh I don’t think having a character that specifically performs well in certain circumstances would be very well advised.