Fifth monster speculation

Just for every one’s info the 5th monster idea has already been come up with. In fact they let the whole community here vote on what the monster would be.

The fifth monster is possibly a bug and I bet it’s a wasp. This animal will be somewhere between the Wraith and Kraken (can fly and is fast, but it has a short health and don’t do much damage).

that would be great for evolve 2, don’t think DLC can pull this off.

Can you post the link?

We need The Host to be brought back to life. Scrap the AI controlled abilities but re-use that terrifying mesh and animations. From what I remember in an old update video it started out slightly bigger than a Marsh Strider, then through its 3 evolve cycles became a huge lumbering abomination.

They said they aren’t gonna do anything with AI-controlled minions, but there is an open thread where players are designing a monster by poll to submit to TRS. So far the winning features are a Parasite/Necromancer archetype, with Bacteria/Plague element, and a Grapple traversal. Tbh, it’s a lot like what I’ve heard players asking for; either something spider-like (I’d like to see an evil anthropomorphic spider, Wraith’s big brother), or just more generally a mid-sized creepy critter with gas/mist/plague abilities.

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The polls closed a while ago but here they are:
they are in order of when they happened.

1 Closed Poll: Creating a Monster ELEMENT

2 Closed Poll: Creating a Monster ARCHETYPE



Is a burrowing insctoid monster

Derived from the Moari pūngāwerewere, meaning spider

  • special: when it eats things, it leaves a damaging pool of acid
  • swarm: launches a swarm of insects, inflicting damage over time, and slowing. Time: 3,5,7.
    -acid spit: a stream of acid, damaging all the way through, leaving a trail of acid. The stream lasts for 2,4,6 seconds.
    -burrow: Pūngā dig underground, gaining LOTS of speed, for 5 seconds, re-surfaces, shreiking loudly for 1 second. Speed: 2x,3x,5x regular speed.
    -Sonic shriek: nearby hunters and wildlife are dramaticly slowed, lightly damaged, and vision is blurry for 2,4,6 seconds.


Is a floating, slightly trasparent monster.

-haunt: Randomly picks a hunter. Causes that hunter to see a fake you, but the rest of the team can’t see it. You are invisible to that hunter.
Lasts: 5,10,15 seconds
-posses: inserts yourself into the target wildlife, so you can control it. When it dies, or you eject, your body returns to where it was. Tier 2: can control nomads, tier 3: can control megamouths, tyrants, and albino’s. (albinos have more damage and health when possesed)
-ghostly well: creates an orb, entangling nearby hunters, and lets go when it is killed.
Tier 1: 2 hunters, low health
Tier 2: 3 hunters, medium low health
Tier 3: any and all things near it, medium high health.
-vanish: is a passive ability, makes him more transparent each level.
Tier 0: is 80% visible
Tier 1: is 60% visible
Tier 2: is 50% visible, sneak attacks do more damage
Tier 3: is 30% visible, sneak attacks do MUCH more damage.


MacMan said something about a monster that shape shifts into wildlife in an interview. That could be cool.

They could make a playable monster based off the Venom Hounds… That’d be cool :smile:

This would pretty much be the coolest monster ever.

Probably the host monster :D.

What about a monster that is a wild card? like one that starts off very limited in terms of power but is able to pick up abilities from any/all of the other monsters making a more unpredictable combination? Of course it needs to be a really weak stage one but the idea of having a flying decoy with lightning strike and aftershock would be pretty cool.

5th monster - MAN-BEAR-PIG
new hunter - AL GORE


Hello Cabot, im here to educate you about the single greatest threat to shear…MANBEARPIG!!!

How about something that uses it jaws to attack, like the cross between a Tyrant and a great white shark on crapload of steroids?

Shat up! (jk). I want a spider monster, I don’t care how unoriginal it is lol!

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Loving the late reply :wink: Not so sure about a Spider Monster but the I do like the thought of a creature that uses some sort of web based ability.

Wow, did not notice how long ago it was lol. Whoops! Yeah I think it would be pretty cool to to have in the game. Night be odd developing it for them. Not sure, I don’t know anything about any of that.

Sharktopus for April Fools DLC!

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