Fifth monster idea(s)!?

I was thinking something along the lines of a shapeshifter. Like “the thing”! for example:

Shift - the monster would shapeshift into one of the four hunters for either stealth purposes or confusion.

Flash - creates a blinding light within a large proximity that mildly damages hunters.

I’m not to sure what his other abilities could be so if you guys think of anything write it down.

Also maybe his movement ability could be like a fast sprint.
I’d also like his natural form to be somewhat mutilated looking like the thing or a necromorph from dead space. I’d really like a “horror” monster that quote creepy to go against!

there is a thread of creating community monsters so far the forum is working on a necromancer/parasite monster

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Hey man could you link me to it? I can’t seem to find it

sure give me a second…here:

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It will being doom upon us all…

In all seriousness though would like a Leviathan type monster.

Thanks man!!

Barney stage 3 OP

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I just want the Velvet Worm and then you can give me Spongebob or scrap everything else and i won’t care…

I see it from there… sweet dreams.

Some kind of giant enemy crustacean or a quadruped.

A monster like Cloverfield

Along those lines of a spider, what about a more scorpion type monster with one or two stingers? I’m thinking kind of like Scorponok from the first Transformers movie. One of the attacks could be the stinger that poisons and/or slowers the hunters. Another could be using claws and grabs the hunters and takes them away. A more ranged attack could be shooting acid that slows or a poison spike. Just like the goliaths charge, it could charge forward snapping its claws. Using the idea or burrowing, it would burrow when sneaking and then attack. The melee attacks would go one claw, then another and then finish with the stingers.

Another attack for the scorpion, going from making other monsters, could be everytime it eats it has the option to make smaller, weaker versions of itself to fight along side it.