Fifth monster. Hints are all around us? My theory


Alright. Now, with the recent load of skins that have dropped into the store. A lot of times people don’t bat an eye, yet what happens when you take these new skins and examine them? A lot of people have already discussed this on the forum, but I would like to share my ideas.

Starting off, people have been saying; “Oh, Man eater skin has a spider, is the fifth monster a spider?” Or the same with the Leviathan skins, or the Phoenix skins. People need to zoom out, and look at the bigger picture. What do all these skins represent? Tiger, clown fish, spider, leviathan, phoenix… Animals, they represent animals. MULTIPLE KINDS of animals. There is no Tiger skin pack for the monsters, they each have different animal skins. Keep this in mind.

Read this article about Evolve’s future monsters;
(Note that this article doesn’t say there will be no certain type of monster they talk about)

Think about what is heavily talked about with this. Some form of shapeshifter! Now, how does this connect with these different skins? Animals! A shapeshifter could probably turn into different animals! See the connection?

Another thing people keep talking about is that Maggie dialogue, where she mentions a monster that makes other monsters. Could a shapeshifter monster fit that bill? Ehh, possibly. Maybe a parasitic shapeshifter. (ERM, Host, ERM) Or, this dialogue could be referencing a different monster entirely!

I’d love to see a shapeshifter monster, with unique abilities. Maybe it could turn into different wildlife, or maybe it could even turn into hunters!

Please share your thoughts, ideas, comments, and everything else! :tiger: :tropical_fish: :ant: :whale2: :chicken:

Why didnt the "make 5th monster a giant wolf pls" thread get locked?

I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if TRS hasn’t completely abandoned their Host monster idea that had parasitic minions. The Mimic idea that’s been floated around (sorry OP) seems like a solid idea as well. I’ve pinged MacMan several times on it, but he refuses to bite. :wink: I added my two cents on the initial idea with the suggestion that it could shift its body into other packs of wildlife to distribute its body mass (i.e. Trap jaws, Reavers, Venom hounds, etc.). The Mimic could be insectoid-based and burrow underground to escape damage or ambush hunters similar to the Corpser from the Gears of War franchise. This monster would allow many interesting playstyles and variation in the current monster roster.


They were doing a shape shifter, but it was ultimately scrapped. Sorry bud.


Yeah, shapeshifter ended up being technically unfeasible.


I really want to see Host return.

Fucker is creepy as hell looking.