FFVII Remake Dropping 03/03/20!

So, the latest trailer confirms the release date for the FFVII Remake (or at least part of it) I’m looking forward to seeing how everything plays out and whether or not they’ve actually managed to do a good job with it.


The fact that it’s only one piece of the game has made me lose all any sense of care for it. I was intrigued initially when it was announced but it’s been years now and we aren’t even getting a full game. Just a fraction.

That’s crazy

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Well it better have a glitchy intro on pc when the camera comes into the train otherwise my life will be upset.

Gotta say, the gameplay actually looks pretty good.

“Marvelous Look! It’s Unicron!”

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And here’s an extended version of the release date trailer.

Where did you hear this? The trailer doesn’t state that.

Also it basically looks like FF7 story with more refined and in depth FF15 combat.

There’s a lot of confusion regarding the game’s release right now. At first it was stated that FFVII:R was going to be episodic, now there’s conflicting information flying all over the place.

EDIT: Okay. The game is indeed being released epsidoically, in a way. The first game is set over 2 disks and is focused completely on the Midgar section of the story, which is, apparently, been expanded upon significantly.

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They originally stated months ago it was episodic.


Everyone knows this game is a Remake, kinda surprised they actually used ‘Remake’ in the title. Thought maybe theyd think of something a little more original :weary:

Pretty much this.

Theyll be doing the game in major “chapters”, so to speak-

But dont be fooled, these sections will be HUGE- and, at least according to the devs, will be expanded into “full games” in their own rights.

Theyve backed and forth for YEARS over whether or not theyd do an ff7 remake (Theres been pressure to do so for ever now). A HUGE reason they held back-

Was simply because of how phenomenally huge of a task it would be to do this.

At the end of the day FF7 is a absurdly large game, with 3d models running around on pre-rendered back grounds. Sure the ywere modeled in 3d first then made into a 2d image- but since they only needed to design those 3d environments from a single perspective- they got away with not doing a lot that you couldnt see- since you wouldnt see it.

Redoing ALL of ff7, in full 3d- I cant even imagine how absurdly large of an undertaking thats going to be.

Its also worth noting that ff7, to this DAY, is still one of the single most expensive games EVER devloped- not adjusting for inflation.

Imagine what its going to cost to do the “entire thing” with modern technology.

Now imagine what theyd have to sell the COMPLETE game for, to actually make it profitable.

Theres a lot of reasons this is being done in segments- These are some major factors for “why”.