Ff7 remake release date thought to be in 2018:(


That’s crazy they already have the story and it’s gonna be in episodes…2 years…ohhhhhhhhhh I just can’t be hyped for so long


While I am hopefully optimistic about this, when I heard how it was going to be released episodically it gives me worry that its just about the money :frowning: Also, the story may be there but they said they really wanted to flesh it out much more. So more dialogue etc…


But 2 years…my heart can’t take it


If each episode is going to span over A disc for each episode then MAYBE I might be on board with it. Also depending on how much each episode is priced at…

I’m just worried it’ll take the linear route of FFXIII and bogus auto battle system.


I strongly doubt they would change this up tbh. They got a lot of flack for that as well as it would change the way 7 plays out.


I’m gonna get them regardless already get everything else ff7 related tho I am really curious as to how much the story will change with the added content I mean I understood it all don’t really see what needs expanding on story wise but if they’re going to do it in episodes they’re gonna need to add alot


It does seem like a stretch that they would do a completely different battle system, but part of me is still skeptical.

I’d be completely shut down if disc 3 with the northern cave was when it becomes totally open world since everything is pretty much open at that point (kind of how XIII was at the near end of the game)


Tbh the original FF7 seems incomplete in terms of character design at the very least (Cait and Vincent).

Story-wise I have suspicions that they had to leave stuff out, shorten dialogue, make certain events less detailed, etc.


Can you elaborate on what you mean with Cait and Vincent?


Look at their limits, especially Cait Sith.


Vincent’s limits seem well put together to me the character design is cool too so I missin what you’re saying I’m kinda slow lol and honestly never played Cait sith really


You only get 1 limit per level with vincent, and cait only gets 2 limits period.

Compared to character that you can’t use past the 1st disc who has 2 limits per level, it seems too odd to be a design decision.


Ah ok well I kinda see the reason for Vincent because it’s making another character when he transforms I don’t feel like he needed 8 limits but that’s just Imo as for Cait his slots were kinda like multiple limits but I feel like he was kinda just a waste as a character anyway lol


Oh man if they add more transformations for Vincent that will be cool as hell wonder how they’ll fight in battle


I want a Final Fantasy 8 remake!!


I just can’t do it…squall kills it for me…I would play dissida just to kill him with cloud over and over again


What?! He’s awsome. I really like FF9 as well. Great characters and story.

Sorry, I’m not trying to derail the thread.


Idk he just seems so…meh to me lol also I’ve heard great things about 9 think I’m gonna give it a try after xenogears


The things that got me addicted to Final Fantasy were the Summons. I loved it! And the fact that you could have multiple summons on each character. That’s why I didn’t really like 13. It was one summon per. And only six total!?


Job classes for me and character customization