Few suggestions I would like to see implemented


1.Tutorials of some kind - present state of Evolve without any kind of tutorials is horrific for every new player. Today my first 6 games vere most frustrating games I have ever experienced. I almost uninstalled this game.

Medic had no idea what Healburst is, didnt know that he can heal himself by grenades as caira. Trapper had no idea what tracking satelite is, Lazarus reviving with E and many many more.

I know it was caused mostly because I have played with newbies, but it was not their fault, because they simply had no idea how they characters work and game gave them no explanation.

2.Perks - before upgrading I would like to see what the upgraded value will be .

3.Winstreaks - now winstreak work on “all or nothing” principe. You lose= 0 winstreak.

Personally I would like to have somewhere under badge written number of my highest winstreak historically achieved by Monster and Hunter, that will be there permanently and will not disappear after loss + in the middle the actual winstreak.

This would give me nice a little goal of beating my record and also fancy feeling.

Suggestions to help new players

Good news! The devs are already working on #1 and #2!


imo the “polished Markov and Goliath” tutorial they are working on + advanced tutorial ( probably some jetpack management and cutting Monster on chase) is not gona solve any of problems I mentioned, because it will not tell players how each characters should be played and what is he capable of.

But we will see, lets have hope.

Glad to hear about the 2nd one ^.^