Few suggestions for all T4 (including Monster)


Bob- Change the Weakspot to x1.5
Faster melee

Mortar- Minimum range of 20 meters

Jetpack Boost- Either increase recharge time or decrease capacity.

Spore Cloud- Change to be like the Scent Masking map effect; Does not 100% block smell, limits effectiveness to ~10 meters.

  1. why? They decreased the size of it and that should’ve fixed it.
  2. Again why? His melee is supposed to hit for more than the other monster melees thus it needs to be slower
  3. Why? That’s not gonna fix the thing where he shoots straight up.
  4. uhh. Just no. It already has a low capacity and long recharge. If anything needs to be changed(not really sure it does) it would probably be the speed part
  5. spore cloud is fine. If the monster needs to smell he can just get out of it.