Few questions


So ye i bought the monster edition pack, for the pc, and ye its kinda confusing i think, so i have a few questions about it.

1: with hunters am i getting? tier 2 ,3 and 4?
or tier 2 and 3

2: it says ‘’ Unlock the Magma skins RIGHT away to customize Goliath, Kraken, or Wraith’’, does that mean the kraken and the wraith are unlocked right at the moment of release?’’


You’re getting hunters Tier 5, and half of Tier 6.

You’re also getting the 4’th monster, and the 5’th monster.

You are also getting skins for the monsters

No you aren’t getting the monsters right off the bat. You still have to unlock them by playing the game. But once you unlock them you are free to use those skins and play them forever.


Tier 1, 2 and 3 is a part of the main game. You get tier 4 and two hunters from tier 5, when they come out for free.


Have they said that you need to play to unlock DLC characters?



You have to pay to unlock DLC characters, yes.


What do you mean? As in say the new hunter comes out, you can play and get him for free?

DLC you will need to purchase, but once you had purchased them you have to unlock them by playing the game. I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes when you unlock them. But purchasing them gives you the Hunter/Monster.


I heard they are unlocked the moment you pay for them.


Ah, alright. That’s nice.


That’s what I meant to ask. Thanks for the answer.



Any objections if I close this thread since your question was answered? May I go ahead, @Surresi ?


ye you can