Few questions about the game


Im curious about a few things going on in the game I dont really understand if anyone could clear it up for me:

  1. Aside from leveling up is there any other way to gain more stars in a perk or are they only leveled up to the next star as you progress through your player level?
  2. The game keeps saying you can trade your class with other players but I cant figure out how to do that?
  3. Durring Evacuation and its time to vote if the hunters decide to pick a map and the monster wants to play a different one is there a reason he only counts as one vote making it a bit unfair to pick which maps? Maybe if hes loosing a lot of the maps his votes should count for more untill him and the hunters are back to balanced? Its kinda like the monsters vote just never really counts.
  4. If all four hunter players choose Medic as there first pick how does the game decide who gets to be the medic? I ask cause sometimes durring an evac game I play medic as my first pick then the next game someone changes to first pick medic and they get it over me and I dont understand why is it because they are a higher level then me so that means if we both pick the same class they get priority over me?
  5. Playing Griffin Im a bit lost when the soundspikes are broken does that mean the monster saw it and broke it or some wildlife broke it? Ive played as the monster against Griffin but never see spikes anywhere so I dont know I did Griffin against a Wraith last night and my spikes kept getting destroyed and I just dont know what that means if the wraith is breaking them or wildlife.

Sorry if these have been asked

  1. You only gain more stars in a perk by leveling up.

  2. If you press the ‘back’ button it will show you which classes have been selected and which are available. So if you and a friend want to swap both of you press back and select the available class you want.

  3. I’m not sure on TRS’s reasoning but if the monsters vote counted as four then the monster couldn’t be outvoted so the monster would either win or draw in the voting process every time. I think your suggestion is a good one and would work well. It does seem the monster has no say in the next map and mode.

  4. If multiple people pick the same class as their first preference it will alternate each game between those people so you do get to play as your first choice.

  5. Sound Spikes can be destroyed by wildlife and the monster. I think if you smell you can see them with an orange outline, similar to how Maggies traps are highlighted when you smell them. Also when the monster triggers one I think he/she can just hear it go off so they might know there is one near by. To stop wildlife destroying them just place them on top of ledges where there is no wildlife, this seems to work for me.

Hope this helps. :smile:


Very important tip here! Always place them a bit off the ground/out of the way. Keeps wildlife off them AND makes the monster go out of their way a bit to get them. I’m still kind of noob at Griffin and it took me losing quite a few of spikes before I figured out what the heck was happening.

Also - tip for everyone on the Spikes. They have a 50 meter radius…and it is cylindrical. So, if you are in an area like dam, and you put it too high, the monster can sneak underneath it. Just FYI. (We did some testing during Beta for fun). Conversely, if you can put it at some mid-tier place, you cover up and down. I realize there are only a few maps/places where this is relevant, but wanted folks to know.


This all helped a real lot
Thanks so much for the info guys! See you out on the field!