Few considerations about Stage2 present state and released updates\contents



As I mentioned on my previous thread,
the core of the game is “monster hunting”. That’s the business. If monster hunting becomes an easy activity, with almost sure result, the game won’t be compelling anymore and will slowly become pointless, or worse, boring. So hunting down a monster MUST always be thrilling and hard.
But it might look like that devs have forgot this importang goal.
They keep releasing new hunters, aka new skills, aka new resources and as a direct result, new strategies for hunters team to beat the monsters.
While the monsters are just as they were 1 year ago or more. At this moment, hunters know monsters like their pockets. And monsters can’t renew their strategies.
I’m not asking hunters stats to be nerfed neither to power up monsters’ stats. But invent something!
Something like, a “fifth skill” for every monster. A special skill, different for every monster, that can be used\triggered only at specific conditions. For example, spending half (or a quarter) of the feeding\evolution wheel. Or maybe a fifth skill that when used, makes all other skills go on cool down Idk!
For example, hunters can actually “play” with the dome: the medic can stay out, and enter later (invisible if lazarus), or go in-n’-out the dome via teleport and so on. Invent something, give monsters more strategies!
Or some tasks to get little boosts\bonuses during the match, for example
"eat only that kind of wildlife", “eat an X wildilfe for first”, “kill two hunters during a dome” etc etc
Anyone agrees with me and have suggestions?


And I add now,
Wraith and Gorgon should get at least +1 health bar


You mean a few months ago? Behemoth is confirmed to be coming soon, and his adaptation should come alongside him. Phantom Wraith is probably gonna be after, with Gorgon coming after her. You can wait.