Female robot Hunter

I don’t know if this has been already discussed but how cool would it be to have a female robot Hunter join the team. Imagine the conversations bucket and her would have… Something to think about TRS


On topic: I believe @Matthew has stated he was only allowed to make one robot


Then we help him riot? O.O

@Matthew We will stand with you for the creation of this female robot >.<

Lol like funny dropship conversations! TRS could have some witty lines between 2 robots.

Maybe that has changed… -.^

That being said I don’t care for robots and would prefer something more along the lines of Slim.


Chances for another Basilisk hunter are quite… Slim O.O :sunglasses:

You must be very excited for Tier 5 monster >.<

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Yep I am. But I’m more excited for Jack because I’m a Trapper main, and he looks possibly like my new fav Hunter. Sorry Abe/Maggie.


Rules are meant to be broken!
Also T5 medic is definitely a robot. Just watch.
And I do want another Basilisk soldier. Preferably assault.

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Robots do not possess gender traits. Nor do Robots possess a sex drive (Unless they have been built for that purpose)

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XD Nice one.

I think what he means by female robot is that her AI will be a female. Like buckets AI is a male. And I agrees t5 medic is a robot that repairs itself with junk on shear. I

And trs would have missed an opportunity if bucket doesn’t compliment the t5 medics chassis lol. (If it does turn out to be a female ai robot)

exactly my thoughts…

Oh, hey - it’s this thread, again…

waits for someone to say that they just came up with the idea that the 5th Monster is a Gen 1 Basilisk Soldier


Stealing my theory I see…

It’s not mine…

Its also not mine…

We have a lost theory in aisle 5.

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It’s mr.poppers penguins


The door is to your left and right… go now…

You owe me…