Female Assault Hunter


It would be cool to have a female assault Hunter in the roster. Its the only class that currently does not have a female. Maybe in the next tier of hunters there will be a female hunter. Asian decent that knows the way of the Samurai maybe? @DamJess @MacMan Anyone else comment below for ideas.


There are other threads like this one already, but I want to see a female assault that has a laser cannon that fires purple beams!


Eh. The Samurai weren’t that great. Make her a master of Shaolin. And a good name for an Assault is Ren, don’t you agree? I think @Shin agrees.

…What? I’m not biased. >.>


So something like this?



Yeah, I can agree to that.


Kinda. My first thought was futuristic Samurai. She speaks of the way of the Samurai but has a desire to hunt a great beast to test her skills. The hunt of the monster grants her the opportunity to test herself.


Shed commit sepuki if she failed tho


Not true, one of the greatest swordsman/warriors in history was a samurai


The operative part being “sword” mate. :wink: Also, one exemplary individual does not make the entire breed exemplary.

And one of the greatest known swordsmen in history.


Also note you omitted the part where I said warrior :stuck_out_tongue:


You edited that in later, though.


Before I saw your post!


Ah ah ah ah ah! No buts. :stuck_out_tongue:


How else will I sit down though :’(


Sigh. Very well. I shall show mercy.

Back on topic, Samurai were good, however a lot of that was exaggerated greatly. Shaolin monks are scarcely known, because they spent their time in other ventures.

I’m not biased, I swear. :sweat_smile:


Well an argument I’m confident in winning is Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris :slight_smile:


You would not win that argument.

There would be no argument.

Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris. Easily.


Lol Bruce Lee went against behemoth (post bugs)… Wasn’t even a fair fight, Bruce Lee too OP


Bruce Lee killed Beta-Wraith. Yeah.

Back on topic now.


Nah, mammoth birds are still the most dangerous, still lost to him… And indeed, we sorta derailed for a sec :slight_smile: