Fellow Console Bound Friends, Lets Help! Not Yelp!


I know we were hit with a bit of shocking news today. We thought we were promised the biggest update of all, but instead we get to watch others enjoy it. I know its tough to keep on keeping on after such a long wait, but #StageUp, hang tough! The better the Beta does on PC, the faster we will get it! Relentlessly hating on this decision publicly will only hurt our chances of playing it ourselves.

So i say instead of using our energy to rage, we use it to get the word out and spread the new hotness! Tell your family, your friends, and your friend’s hot moms! Get the news out that there is a killer new game/upgrade, just waiting for them to go play for free. Watch streams and make suggestions for improvements to get this sucker ready to port to console sooner. Use all your pent up hype train momentum to do our part in make this a rolling success.

We were given a buggy preview today, of the epic flawless game we shall be receiving.
After its been tested and proven to all the haters the magnitude of its Badassery, we’ll have new stomping grounds to show our console might!



Well said man


I’m not nearly drunk enough to be that overly optimistic.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


You aren’t angry because you have a Pc to play it on.


I’m also not angry because Microsoft and Sony don’t have certification BS on PC.


Preach, Father Necron. :raised_hands:


No PC. Just a potato laptop that can’t play it. I tried lol.


Disappointed absolutely. Or more like, just sort of bummed that all I can do is watch others enjoy the game. I feel like there’s not one among us that doesn’t feel the same way.

However, I find myself coming to terms with the reality of the situation for several reasons:

  1. First off, bitching isn’t going to help and as Necron put it above, could in fact only really hurt our chances of finally getting our hands on it

  2. I now realize, especially with no real capital flowing in from the game, shelling out the money for more than likely several costly cert processes, means the less they have to spend on that nonsense, the more resources they can devote to new content, bug fixes, and just general gameplay polish. Which will improve the experience for all of those who still love the game.

  3. Yes, TRS has made some questionable calls in the past but they always do seem to make good on their word in one way or another. I, personally, have no real reason to start doubting them now.

  4. After seeing how fantastic the game looks today during the oh, 6 hours of streams I watched (not even counting the Evolve Game Stream itself), I am actually quite content with waiting if need be because it looks that f*cking amazing.

  5. One criticism that I can lodge is that there’s only 4 maps total in the game. I really loved some of the old classic maps too. If those are received well, which everyone does seem to be enjoying them, TRS is going to re-vamp other classic maps and perhaps make a few brand new ones too. It’ll add some more variety to our version.

  6. The same applies for character variations. Electro Griffin is going to be released 24-25 days from now (depending on your region) and if the update does take longer than that, to the point where they will put out another character or 2, we’ll probably get them all, in all of their finely balanced glory. :smiley:

  7. Again the same will go for founder content. Now right now, I will admit it seems a little on the light side, but TRS has said there will be more to come for us long-time fans. If there’s another founder content drop or two before we get ours (what have you: perks, skins, badges, keys, etc.), we will probably get all of that come our day in the sun. :sunny:

Guys, I know this sucks, I was prepared to start cashing in vacation days at work for the coming week. I told everyone I could think to tell. My hype was at critical levels. I was ready to make a grand return to the game I’ve sunk more time and energy into than any game in my life. With my buddies in tow. Some of them, I haven’t gotten to play with for quite a while.

And I will absolutely agree that the way that this was handled, the way this news was conveyed to us, well, TRS did fumble that. I can’t deny it. I don’t blame you guys for feeling slighted. I felt that way most of the past 28 hours (or however long we’ve known at this point). But I am telling you to please look on the bright side, reserve some judgement, do whatever else you need to do to occupy your time appropriately, just don’t give up on the game. Hell, the simple fact that everyone is so worked up shows us just how much everyone here loves the game. And we do, we love your freaking game, TRS.

Now, be prepared because some people won’t exactly be able to move past this, some will never return, but when the time comes, I think a majority of us will. Today, you guys were given a second chance; something a lot of people, companies, what have you, never get. We’ll be watching everyone play, monitoring the situation from here, and waiting with baited breath. Knock this beta out of the park and deliver to us the game that not only do we as gamers deserve, but the game that fits your vision.

  • Cheers guys, enjoy the celebration for a bit, but then back to work
    Michael “Einstein” Dierker


Many of us asked if the game could go F2P and they made it happen! I am confident that they will bring it to the consoles as soon as they can as well.