Fell through the map after respawning


None of the textures loaded in as I dropped from the dropship, and I fell through the map instead of landing. Eventually it gave me a “leaving map area” message and killed me, but it was still annoying.


Which map was it? Online or offline play?


Online play. I think the map was… hmm let me look at a list of the maps.


Orbital drill I think.


@dysa72 @Pugzilla @ThomasJ

Do you remember where on the map you were?


It was difficult to tell since most of the textures didn’t load in until I was past the ground, and I was just respawning. I’m pretty sure it was somewhere around here:


I know people have been having some issues with Orbital Drill this week, might be a rendering bug that’s related.


Can you trying doing Verify Integrity of Game Cache? Since the textures didn’t load in I’m wondering if you where missing something…but you got this after respawning right not out of the initial dropshop to start the game?


It only happened once, it’s not an ongoing problem. I even respawned that match and everything worked as intended.


And no, the initial dropship was fine. It was a dropship after I was killed.