Feelings about Evolve Stage 2



So how’s everyone feeling about the way Evolve is going?


I have to say I think the game is great, but it needs a better player base and a better way to keep those players.
I think new maps not just variations, a couple more monsters and cross platform would be a huge leap in it as it would expand who can play, and in that sense would add a lot of new players who wouldnt be (hopefully) walking into matches being called noob or just destroyed by a good monster and giving up.
The maps are good but there’s only 4 and that can get old fast for new players, same as a smaller player base means more chance of being matched with a pro in early games


Yeah I am already finding myself being matched against the same few players over and over.

The player base seems to hit some pretty deep lows in the evening, no reason to not find a match or a 5th player for several minutes, what is this legacy on consoles or something?