Feeling cheap playing kraken


Am i the only one who feels this way?

I prefer kraken the most… its my favorite monster but i see how much hate he earns and everytime i pick him ingame it feels bad or unfair so i go for goliath/behemoth most of the time


What platform are you on?


PC and i never miss LS never because … its (ch)easy


That’s why I never unlocked wraith, I never play Kraken because I feel cheap


Good lord. If you think Kraken is OP then just say it. Why do people resort to these sort of argument-from-authority posts?

Either you’re a hunter player that just was stomped by a kraken and came here to whine without seeming like whining, or you haven’t played any good hunters. Go play a good hunter team as kraken, you won’t feel cheap anymore, I promise.


When I play kraken I purposely ignore the Big 4 wildlife buffs. I let the hunters get them to help balance the fight


Don’t feel cheap. Enjoy what you like about the game. You bought the game so enjoy it.


I don’t think feeling cheap is right. I mean sure CC is bugged against him and I do consider him too powerful but that doesn’t warrant feeling cheap. :stuck_out_tongue: Cheap would be if you were using the Sunny Drone exploit.


I stomp pub teams with Kraken all day long, maybe this is similar for you. But I assure you that if I went up against a well-coordinated premade I would be feeling a lot more pressure.

Just waiting (possibly forever) for ranked play…


That’s not even a valid reason to not unlock wraith. You can unlock wraith during solo play so if you haven’t done that, please do. Wraith is quite fun :smiley:

If you feel cheap playing him, then don’t stay in the air the whole time. That’s the essence of bug exploit on the kraken. CC’s ignore him during flight and he can’t be brought down within regular shooting range that people are used to - so their aim sucks. If you rotate ground and air play then you are more or less simulating how the fight would ideally go if the bug didn’t exist - assuming the trapper doesn’t sucks.

That said, I doubt you have experimented even with krakens abilities to be OP with this bug or you’d have unlocked wraith already. So you shouldn’t feel cheap unless you were such a natural Kraken that you beat down the hunters during your stage 1 dome a few times and swore him off until he’s fixed :open_mouth:


That’s exactly what happened lol

Played 4 games against different groups of level 40s, demolished them all during stage one (even without armour once). Decided to never play him again.

Wraith got ruined for me before the patch, sorta turned off so I’ve just been always playing Goliath.


Cheers on being a natural - I’m quite jelly, no joke. I suck with him :’( Or I’ve just gotten matched against pre-mades…yeah that’s it. :+1:

You…you never unlocked wraith…how can she be turned off for you? Poor wraith needs a hug. Her Warp Blast is about to get a radius reduction. It is rather crazy at stage 3, but I will miss it.

Well the upside is that kraken is getting reworked a bit in next patch as well. So all these OP threads are a waste of space. Unfortunately, MacMan, or who ever does the notes, doesn’t have a section specifically for preliminary patch note posts for upcoming patches. So a lot of people don’t know what has been talked about because its all buried in hundreds and hundreds of posts on the telemetry thread.


I don’t play kraken because I am horrible as him.


Do what you want, I guess.

I’m currently a wraith main, but I didn’t play him at all when he was OP as hell. Tried out some other monsters, ended up maining kraken

Then wraith got nerfed, so I moved back to her and stopped playing Kraken.

I’d just try out some other stuff if you’re feeling cheap.


I personally find Kraken to be a free win and a game that’s over at stage two 99.99% of the time. Stage one, three vortex, stage two, three lightning strike. Profit.

Can’t wait for a fix :smiley: