Feel sorry for kraken


Kraken can fly but has to slowly come down killing his dreams of soaring through the skies. I had a bug were i could fly and stay in the air forever and it felt amazing xD poor kraken.


It’s okay. Kraken just gotta hire some people who will shoot him frequently so he can stay in the sky.



I love it when I’m about to fall and not make it over a cliff and some clown shoots me. Immediately rocket up and over the damn thing. :laughing:


Poor little Kraken… I don’t actually feel sorry. Kill 'em off one at a time.

Listening to AC/DC makes you feel badass even when doing something as stupid as posting on an online forum.


Posting on an online forum, seems pretty smart to me. ^.^


What would be really dumb is posting on an offline forum…


It worked for Creed Bratton: www.creedthoughts.gov.www\creedthoughts


Look at the half full glass size, bro.
Kraken CAN FLY! :slight_smile:


You. I like.