Feel forced to play hunter

Seriously, the wait times for monster are just out of control. Been waiting just short of an hour.

It wouldn’t be so bad if playing with pubs (the only option available at this moment sadly) wasn’t such a mixed bag. There’s almost always one hunter that ruins it for the team.

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Which platform do you play on? And what division are you in?

I rarely get more than 10 minutes for monster on PC, silver division.

Ps4. Gave up in the end. Only got a limited amount of free time at the minute.

Well, that sucks. But leaving feedback here was the right thing to do. Devs have been paying close attention to feedback on the new matchmaking, and the more people voice their experiences, the better.


Well that’s the hope. I don’t like to be salty, I know the devs want the best for this game. It’s just a mess at the minute. I’m sure they can get it fixed, question is when? :slight_smile: