Feeding Speed Increase - How Does it Work?


EDIT:I answered my own question through testing,click here for results :smiley:

A question to the dev’s mostly.

Obviously the feeding speed percentages aren’t to overall time (Otherwise stacking them could result in instant feeding)

But what exactly is the base rate of feeding?
I.E. 1 bar every second, 2 seconds, etc.?

Trying to figure out where it starts to be pointless to stack percentages.


Uh, its probably a % increase to the speed not a % reduction to overall time.


Exactly, I’m wondering what the base speed is so I can calculate the speed after increases.
i.e. if its 1 bar a second, then an 80% increase is 1.8 bars a second.


More like, if 1 meat = 1 bar = 1 second, a 80% feeding speed reduction would mean 1 meat = 1 bar = 0.2s


I don’t THINK that’s how it works, again, otherwise getting over 100% increase (Which can be done with the new perk system rather easily) would grant instant feeding on ANY size creature.

I can say from experience this doesn’t seem to be the case (Unless there is a “buffer” timer, that forces a pause between bars of meat)


Ok, so I have results!
Decided to test it myself. I recorded using the built in windows recorder, because it sticks to 30 FPS.
Next, I played a few custom games with ranging feeding speed perks used.
Then, I counted the frames it took to full consume a sloth (Which is 3 bars of meat).

Then, using excel and math and whatnot I came up with this:

Quite honestly, I tried to figure out the formula used, but while getting close I could not get it.
Regardless, thats the data and you can interpolate to figure out what the in between percentages use. I added up the total % from all perks, perhaps the scaling is different when multiple feeding speed perks are stacked, but I’ve decided to stop drinking soda so the caffeine withdraws are hitting me hard so I can’t think on it anymore lol.


For a different view, here is the graph using the time it takes to consume a single bar of meat with the percentages:

To my opinion/eye, it seems like there is a drop off right around 100%.
It’s actually perfectly linear up to that point, afterwards you hit diminishing returns.

So I think anything over 80%-100%, while still being useful, would probably be better used investing in other perks.


The more you stack, the faster you eat. You can get some serious eat on with stacking them. I actually find feed speed a really great perk.


I tested it out with 100% feeding speed. What I can conclude is that 100% ables you to eat in 0.5 seconds with 1 bar and 1 second with 2 bars. That’s just an example but it’ll probably help you understand how it works.