Feeding speed buff should be reworked

The one that gives you 100% of feeding speed. Two examples from both sides:

  1. Im playing monster.

Im kiling Elite Sloth and see that hunters are coming and will dome me. They dome me and shoot me trying to prevent me from getting buff. But this buff is so broken that I get the buff without eating animation. Needless to say I rekt them.

  1. Im playing Laz

Hunter just died, Im shooting monster to prevent him from eating. He ate the body in sec without animation under my fire.

Is it me, or it’s not fair? Maybe it should be replaced with other buff? My suggestion - perk, that boosts the amount of armor from meat.

Your thoughts?


That sounds like a bug, not intended.

Sounds like lag


This is more like you’re suffering from a severe case of lag my friend.

Pretty sure this is already a perk. Armor Regeneration.

I wouldn’t replace or remove the feeding speed boost. It’s absolutely a necessity against great teams or at least competent teams. You don’t have time to eat if you’re ways running. This perk allows you do so.

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I believe armor regen just increases the speed at which you naturally generate armor. It sounds like what he is suggesting is a perk that would make you gain more armor per meat eaten. IE: one meat = 1.2 bars of armor, instead of just 1. (which actually would be kinda cool now that I think about it!)

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It’s not a bug or lag.

The animation of eating is not playing properly when you are using it. Monster is not even “eating”.

Ya this is one I suggested to replace Armor Regen since it’s fairly lackluster in the best of cases. Same evolve meat, but you get 15/25/33 more armor per meat. So maxed out a Mammoth bird gives you 4 armor instead of 3. etc…

Feeding speed is a horrible perk right now.
If you need a perk to make distance and eat, movespeed and stamina recharge are far superior, as they actually do something in combat and prevent taking much evolve damage.
Feeding speed is completely useless and entirely luck dependant.

I use it. I don’t find it horrible or useless.

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So YOU use it and find it useful.

This sounds entirely different to me:

That’s plain and simple bs.
There is not a single good monster (on pc) at least using it in league play. So it’s nowhere near an necessity.
It’s more like an subpar choice, that might get you a really lucky benefit in 1% of your games over the other perks and just suck in the other 99%.

Well thanks for thinking that my opinion and that of some of my monster playing friends is “BS”. I feel it’s a necessity for when I play. You don’t have to, but it doesn’t make me wrong.

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I simply don’t like your wording, thats all.
You could’ve said “I like feeding speed, cause it helps me eating against a fast team.” So be it.
But with stating it like you did, as absolute necessity (without any reasoning), you have to expect some resistance.

Resistance? What am I a dictator? In my gameplay experience and that of my buddies it is a necessity. But because the “professionals” don’t use it, it must be garbage. Lol.

Wednesday is a great monster and that’s the only perk he uses.




No offense to him or anything, he’s a nice dude, but not a great monster. He’s good though.

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Fixed that for you.
Wednesday is a good player but he’d be even better if he didn’t bumrush every Evolve and as a direct result be forced into a no-armor dome every time for the sake of making it unnecessarily challenging for himself, haha.

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Tl;dr- @Wednesday13 enjoys pain a little too much. Sound about right, mate?

Yeah, thats me.
I don’t use feeding speed against guys like NjP, @nimp already said why.
And it’s pub, challenge is always nice. Without those constant DHE I would consider playing ESL and I would be on different Skill level.
But that was good enough for 2h on the EvolveGame Stream :smiley:
Before I forget it. I’m not able to eat a corpse with a Laz shoting me

And @Alc I’m not nice, even Nimp told me to “shut the fuck up” during a pub session

TL;dr - If you don’t have any trouble getting away in pubs, feeding speed

@usaprimecreditpeggy you lurker <3