Feeding Routes need help


I’m a pretty decent monster, im not the best. I just need a feeding route that will help me evolve quicker…
i usually go down the middle on orbital drill and take out the armadon. Then once they planet scan i take a left or right.
On Weather Control, i take a right then progress down to relay. once i get planet scaned i cut through the map and go to caves.
On Wraith Trap, i go to the left and hit the tall mammoth bird, then dune beetle, then sloth. By, then i usually get domed.


I suggest watching Wednesday13 on youtube (wdymftw). He has good feeding routes

His routes seems questionable at times. I only use some of his routes if I have feeding speed, if not id still use longer but safer ones.


@Wednesday13 :wink:


Everything is linked under the video, I run them 24/7 with and without feeding speed. Beeing ready around 80-100seconds


I fee kinda scared running your routes… Because I feel like I could get domed


If you get domed on Stage 1 and you’re ready to evolve, you did it right. Because you want to evolve without getting trapped.
Those routes in general might not work for everyone, depending on which Monster and other stuff, but it’s working perfectly fine for me and I did 3 feeding route videos over the last year. Work with the stuff I gave you, find something that helps your playstyle, maybe you find something better for you, with the input those videos gave you


Weather Control.

If you go Left, its an early encounter… if you go right you feed and still encounter in the caves.

in WC… Go under the platform, usually the game spawns two stryders down there for 4 pieces.

then after that , head left towards the big wildlife there for 3 bars.

then go right next to there with the cave and eat like 3 lvl 1 wildlife bars.

If you go right, you will find usually 2 mammoth birds for 4 bars
if you go left towards the relay. you could resume your pattern…

If you continue on this route you can usually stage up pretty quickly.

Which monster do you play and perks? Have you ever tried full hunger perk sets?? its amazingly effective. just make sure to grab the poison frog for the first dome fight too. That compensates for the lack of DoT in perks.

I can make a vid for you doing a few differnt routes that work for me in public lobbies if you would like?

@TRS bring back the end of game Strat map please. This would help SOOOOO many people. and i saw it glitched in an after game lobby during stage 2 beta, so i know the codes in there.


1 - make sure your route lead you to a turning point around 45 - 50 seconds mark, that is usually the first PS.

2 - then you can do an easy double back or go straight.

3 - any good route should enable you to evolve around 110 seconds mark if hunter did not catch you.

4 - you need at least 2 main feeding route on every map.


I would like to say recent changea to teach monsters not to doddle, the wildlife now gets the heck out of the way of the monster.

@shaners was that the intended effect for monster players? Or just a happy byproduct?


Hi Kathryn! That’s a good question!

When you are stage 3 they are definitely more scared of you! It also varies by wildlife! :smiley:


Could you make a video with each map feeding route?


It would be nice if Dune Beetles weren’t scared of you…they are so fast! At least they aren’t Spotters to where they can go into holes…


No problem @XS1N7! just give me a little bit while i get used to the new patterns of the wildlife.

Please put which monster and or perks you want me to use.

This… will be fun!

I will start with Gogan for ya.!


Basically Both Goliath variations, Gorgon, Wraith, Both Krakens. Using Mutated senses perk, insatiable hunger, ferocious bloodlust. For all monsters and if you could put recommended perk setups.
All Dr would be fine too.


perfect… I will be working on these over the next few days. Keep looking here for video post!


Thanks so much :smiley:


Im gonna try doing kraken this round wish me luk D:


didnt work out took assault out at stage 1 evolved to stage 2 no downs D:


Aww dont worry. we will get there, every week brings new things. We will nail it down… Like killing a pair of wildlife, eating one and moving on to a 3rd can cause some Trapjaws to wander in. So we will get there.

Im about to dive into this patch right about now.


You also have to keep in mind hunters can counter feeding routes by jumping ahead of you easily enough in some cases. So if there’s an experienced hunter on the team and they know you’re heading in a general direction, they may show up ahead of when you expect them to be there.

I always smell before I start the eating animation and look behind me to make sure no one’s right on top of me. Costs a few extra seconds overall, but I feel it’s worthwhile. I personally don’t have a set feeding route, goes against my playstyle, but until you can really pull this off consistently, it’s good to keep an eye on the hunters and simply bug out quick if they’re close.