Feedback to Devs After 14 hours/20 Levels


Feedback to Devs After 14 hours/20 Levels

First off I just want to say that Evolve so far is an amazing game with huge potential down the line with DLC and sequels.


The reason why I made this topic is to raise awareness on things I’ve noticed through my 14 hours of playing.
Below lists things I believe need to be buffed, nerfed or reworked.
I’ve played a significant number of matches and win almost every match I play as Monster.

Keep in mind I’ve played a LOT more Monster than Hunter, and for that reason I have not played the alternate version of each hunter.

Okay then, let’s get into it!

Mainly, I would like to see multiple options added in for Aiming Down Sights and Crouch.
Not everyone likes the toggling of these controls (me included), therefore it would be nice if we had the option of having these active only while the key is held down.

Weapon Spread - The fact that I’m able to no scope with the sniper without even trying needs to be nerfed. While not aiming down the sights the spread should be much larger. Making the shot very hard with the sniper and in turn would remove the super easy no scopes.
What’s the point of the scope if you don’t need to use it?

Tranquillizer - Tranquillizer slows the target for a short duration with 3 shots able to be fired before reloading.
At this time Tranquillizer is basically a permanent snare as it is easily reapplied - even over long distances.

To make Tranquillizer less of a permanent snare I would suggest having to reload after every shot and making the reload time longer. To still make it viable I would increase the strength of the snare and additionally disable all movement based abilities on the monster while active. This would include jumping, flying, Leap Smash, and Charge.

Additionally, slowing the speed at which the projectile moves would help make it harder to hit over long distances.

Monsters are highly mobile which is a huge part of what keeps them alive. Being able to snare and disable their movement abilities is a powerful counter to them. Yet it doesn’t mean it should be an easy shot… things moving fast are hard to hit. Once you land the shot, it should give enough time to fully catch up and for your Trapper to Harpoon Trap the monster or pop your Arena.

Average match is about 8 - 10 minutes. This would help increase the length of the matches and increase the skill cap on the Medic while giving the Medic an extremely powerful ability.

All around the Support is a versatile hunter with strong abilities to not only support his allies but if timed right deal massive amounts of damage.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Machine Pistol - The Machine Pistol is a low damage per projectile weapon with an extremely high rate of fire.
Currently, the pistol is faily decent in damage and while I understand that it isn’t designed as a potent weapon - due to the high amounts of CC the Trapper is capable of - I still feel that it’s slightly underpowered.

I would suggest increasing the clip/magazine capacity to make it more viable.

Harpoon Traps - Harpoon Traps are a short ranged projectile that turn into a stationary trap to keep monsters locked within a small area after a delay. The monster is not freed until the traps are destroyed.
Right now, you have to be very close to the monster as the range is very short. Each monster can easily break out of them or avoid them without even meaning to. This is due to the high amounts of mobility monsters have. The only time I’ve seen Harpoon Traps be effective - is against first time Monsters who are unaware of the mechanic.

I would change this is by increasing the range slightly, and if the projectile was to hit the target - it would deal no damage and then fall to the ground becoming stationary locking the target in within a small area instantly. If no target is hit - then It would act as normal.

Additionally, making the traps only being able to be destroyed by the monsters basic attack (left click) - would increase the effectiveness as AoE abilities wouldn’t completely ruin the attempt.

This hunter’s bread and butter is damage. He holds a Lightning Gun that deals high amounts of AoE damage at close range, an Assault Rifle for long range damage, an Arc Mine (self explanatory), and a Personal Shield (again - self explanatory).
The Assault Hunter does exactly what a damage based hunter should do. Deal damage. But, he is often seen as the least important of all the hunters. This is due to the Trapper and Medic being crucial to catching the Monster - in a game with only 2 or 3 players as hunters - the Assault is usually not picked.

Honestly, I would rework the Assault Hunter making changes to the Lightning Gun, replace Assault Rifle - giving him a brand new long ranged weapon that would help control the match, and a new name to fit the fact that he would no longer have an Assault Rifle.

New Assualt Hunter (Engineer? Inventor?)
Lightning Gun - Lightning Gun would pretty much stay the same with the only change being that it deals significantly less damage vs shields and has an increased capacity.

Displacer (Replaces Assault Rifle) - An energy based, long ranged, no damage, beam weapon. The main focus of the weapon would be to drain the shield of the Monster.
I thought this would be interesting as when playing as a Monster at the start of each match - you are not only looking to evolve as fast as possible, but are trying to increase your shield so if you get caught you wont lose much health, or any at all.

Having a weapon like this would make the New Assault Hunter a very important hunter to have. Not only in battles can he deal high amounts of damage at close range - but, while chasing the Monster he can easily drain a good chunk of it’s shield so when they catch the monster they can start dealing permanent damage quicker.

The rest of the abilities would stay the same.

Name - I would suggest a new name be something like one of the above - as it looks like it would fit with the model of the Assault Hunter and with all these crazy weapons and gadgets, it makes sense.

With all these new advantages of hunters - I feel it would be a good choice to allow Monsters to choose an additional perk. However, I feel this should be something that is rewarded upon progressing through the masteries of each Monster.

Sneak Attack: While crouched, you can use your basic attack (left click) and your monster will try to lunge in the direct it’s facing. If a hunter is hit by the attack they will be stunned and you will keep attacking them over time dealing small bits of damage. If you take damage during this time the hunter will no longer be stunned and the attack will end. Similar to channelled abilities.
I find too many times when it seems reasonable to use this attack that their team mates are usually not too far behind. Now I understand that giving their team mates time to respond is essential, yet I still feel this is only viable if the hunter is far away from their teams.

I would suggest that a strong amount of burst damage is done initially - after that the attack would act as normal.

I find that the Goliath is very well done. The only I can point out is that I tend to use Fire Breath only when required by masteries - but that is probably just a play style choice.

The Kraken right now seems to be a little overpowered at times. The main reason for this I would suggest is it’s health. It seems to be a bit too tanky. A flying monster with a lot of high damage AoE and CC should take a good bit more damage than the Kraken currently does.

If anyone wants to share their opinions please feel free.
Took a while to write this out - so it would be nice to see some responses.

You may notice that I suggest a bunch of buffs for the hunters. This is because I find Monsters too over powered.
I’ve won a game at 4 minutes 30 seconds as a Kraken at stage 3 evolution.
I’ve also won many games at stage 1 as a monster.

Happy Evolving!


i absolutely disagree with the medics tranq gun idea from perspective of the monster, trapper, and medic roles.

the 3 shots with slow RoF are a bit more forgiving then the 1 shot OP stun.

the combo of complete immobility for the monster coupled with harpoons means the monster would never win unless a 60 second invulnerability was given from tranqs. the combo is too strong as you’ve suggested.


Hmm, you seem to be right.
If you were to leave to snare at the same percentage and have a 5 or so second cooldown on the Tranquillizer. Might be a little less overpowered.

Updates have been made…


Tranq should not be touched. It is the only means of potentially staying on the monster.

Have you not played against any of the other hunters? I feel like almost every hunter is in a good spot (Lazarus may need some work imo). Each has a different playstyle, and people who play these hunters need to understand that.


[quote=“Exchemist, post:4, topic:21357, full:true”]
Tranq should not be touched. It is the only means of potentially staying on the monster.[/quote]

That’s a good point.

The idea I’m looking at is a not difficult but challenging shot to make. But, when it’s made you will be very easily able to catch up.

The Tranquillizer right now just seems like a button mashing weapon. You just keep spamming until you either eventually catch up or the monster breaks line of sight.


You should be breaking line of sight. The monster is quick(REALLY QUICK), so if you are having an issue with breaking LoS I got sum bad newz for you. Charge off, jump jump jump climb jump run in one direction sneak the other. GG


I’m not having any issues playing as a monster. The fact is that I find it too easy. Which is why I want to buff the effects of Tranquillizer yet not make it completely overpowered.


At its’ current state, I think it is fine. I’ve had the most play time with the medic (lvl 19 on PC), and I don’t think it needs a buff.

I think I lost one game as the monster, which was due to my controls being bugged out (couldn’t eat, use abilities, or evolve > : /), so I haven’t had any issues with tranqs either.


Its “too easy” because hunters dont communicate. they are also trying to force themselves to play a class they want rather then play a class they are inherently good at. i played this one incredibly balanced game as the monster.

generator had very little health left i had 1/4 health all hunters had 2 incap penalties. and there was 30 seconds left on the end game timer. THAT is a good match. it also goes to show that things with hunters are fine. the game is balanced appropriately if each hunter class is played to its strengths with the user being good at the style of the hunter.